Friday, November 27, 2020

Evey's Favorite Things: Black Friday Edition


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I'm so excited to share my favorite deals with y'all today!! Crafting has definitely gotten me through this entire COVID quarantine, and these are the products that I love!!

1. Head over to Design and Font bundles for their INCREDIBLE $1 event, where over 15,000 files, fonts and designs will be only a DOLLAR EACH! Yes, that's right, oh and WITH commercial licenses! RUN BEFORE THEY SELL OUT! If you aren't a 'Plus' member, definitely consider a subscription! We get extras and we also get extra time to shop events like these, not to mention all of the free bonuses you get with the subscription!!

2. The Cricut Maker! Y'all, I can't begin to tell you how much I love this machine! If you follow me, you know it's the truth. The Maker will be as low as $299, which is the lowest it's ever been! You can buy it from Cricut directly, and earn a $20 coupon for every $100 spent, and enjoy some of the lowest prices of the year (use code NOVSHIP for free shipping on orders over $99!

You can also buy it on Amazon, Wal-Mart for $299, and other stores!

3. A close second fav, is the Cricut Air2, which is also the lowest price ever at $179 (Use code NOVSHIP at checkout for free shipping on orders over $99!  Also available on Amazon and Walmart for the same low price! I believe that Amazon and Walmart are better stocked currently. 

4. If you are traveling with your Cricut machines, this bag, which is currently 20% off on Amazon, is a great way to safely transport it! It's also great storage to keep your machine dust free! Go grab one, before the deal runs out!

5. If you love your Cricut Maker, you will love the Easy Press 2 family!! I love the fact that these are portable and can be used on site at a craft fair, expo or pop-up shop! They're also all their lowest prices and can be found on Cricut's website (use code NOVSHIP for free shipping on orders over $99), but also deeply discounted on Amazon (only $179 for the largest size!) and at Walmart and other stores!

6. I recently discovered TeckWrap brand holographic and opal PERMANENT vinyl, and y'all, I have NOT been the same! When I say it's permanent...well, let's just say that I even made a TikTok about how my kids put a cup with this vinyl THROUGH MY DISHWASHER (Disclaimer: DON'T DO THIS), and y'all, THE VINYL IS STILL PERFECTLY ATTACHED! So, yeah, head over to Amazon to check out the deals before they're gone!

7. Another awesome product that I fell in love with, during quarantine, the IkonArt Stencil kit makes custom REUSABLE stencils that are PERFECT for screenprinting and more! If you haven't checked out my review post on it, make sure you do so! This thing is seriously cool! Go check it out! There's a 25% off code on the site, but for future reference, use code EVEYSCREATIONS at checkout for a lifetime 15% off discount!

8. This product should be on every crafter and DIYer's wish list! If you have been following for awhile, you know how much I love this stuff! It's a glaze, stain, and paint ALL in one and heavily concentrated, so a little goes a LONG way! Save 7% on Amazon today, or buy via their website directly, and use code EVEYSCREATIONS each time you shop, for a lifetime 10% discount!

I will be posting more flash deals on my Facebook page during the day, so stay tuned! 


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