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Home Alone 2 inspired Holiday Sign and 24 Holiday Movie Crafts and Recipes!

 Christmas Movies are the best, right?!

Y'all. I, along with some of my amazing Bloggy friends are happy to bring you, "25 Christmas Movie Crafts and Recipes"! Yup. Crafts and Recipes all inspired by our favorite Holiday movies!

 If you are following along in the Blog Hop, you are likely coming to me from Emily's blog.

My project is a sign from my FAVORITE Holiday movie EVER, "Home Alone 2, Lost in New York". I know, I know...most people don't love sequels, but THIS sequel is every bit as hilarious and wonderful as the first movie!

 **Though this post may contain sponsored material for which I was compensated in product and/or monetarily, all opinions, ideas and thoughts are 100% my own. This post also contains affiliate links, so should you choose to click over and make a purchase, I will receive a tiny portion as a commission. Also, I'll love you forever.**

I thought I'd turn my favorite quote and scene from the movie into a wooden Holiday sign so of course, I pulled out my favorite GREEN paints and stains, and my trusty Cricut Air 2!

Seriously, isn't that just the best sign EVER?! :) Here's how I did it!

I started out by taking a pine board and staining it with my favorite Stain+Finish from CeCe Caldwell's Paints in Kukui. It's important to let the stain fully dry and cure for at least 24hrs, otherwise the vinyl might not stick to the wood properly and you will get bleeding when applying the paint.
I uploaded a Holiday font into Cricut Design Space (font is called "I love Christmas"), then cut some vinyl out for a stencil, I used regular indoor vinyl, not permanent or outdoor vinyl.

Instead of weeding around the letters like I normally do, I weeded the letters OUT, leaving the background for the stencil. I transferred the vinyl with some transfer tape, making sure to really smooth the vinyl down onto the stained wood.

I used CeCe again, this time their chalk+clay paint in "Simply White". Make sure you use a good stencil brush and stencil in a circular motion to reduce the risk of bleeding under the stencil.

I spruced it up with some Unicorn SPiT in their new Sparkling Stains line! In person, those cute string lights just sparkle away, when the light hits the sign!

I sealed it all up with my favorite wax, Daddy Van's Clear Wax in Lavender.

I'm in love with it! Make sure you check out all of the other posts in our awesome Blog Hop!

Let's Meet The Hosts!

Marie ~ DIY Adulation | RaNesha ~ Queen Thrifty | Emily ~ The Crafty Carlson
Stephanie ~ The Tip Toe Fairy | Molly ~ Just a Little Creativity | Michelle ~ Our Crafty Mom
Vanessa ~ DIY 180 | Nicole ~ For the Love of Food | Victoria ~ Dazzle While Frazzled
Stephanie ~ A Little Moore | Sam ~ Raggedy Bits | Paula ~ Paula Tisch

There are a total of  25 talented bloggers gathered together to share with you all the wonderful crafts and recipes you can make this Christmas season, based off of some of the most beloved holiday classic films. Each blogger will lead you to the next, so be sure to finish the hop all the way through to the end for all the Christmas movie goodies!

Thanks for stopping by! Which Holiday Classic is YOUR favorite? Or are you all about the Hallmark Channel Holiday line up!?

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

These are a few of my favorite GREEN things! Evey's Holiday Gift Guide!


For some of us, sweaters and jewelry are not the best option (though greatly appreciated). Dare I say it? Some of us don't even like chocolate. (I know I'm odd. I do like DARK and very bitter chocolate, though!)

Some of us long for...well, other types of gifts.

Some of us want to DIY, and DIY GREEN!

Behold, The DIY Holiday GREEN Gift Guide for the Fab Furniture Flippin'™, hardcore DIY'ing, Power-Tool-wielding, Eco-Friendly Momma in your life! (Ladies, if you are like me and crave such things, then feel free to just send this post right on over to your family via email so they can see EXACTLY what to get you!)

**Though this post may contain sponsored material for which I was compensated in product and/or monetarily, all opinions, ideas and thoughts are 100% my own. This post also contains affiliate links, so should you choose to click over and make a purchase, I will receive a tiny portion as a commission. Also, I'll love you forever.**

 First up, my most favorite earth-friendly Stain+Finish in the world:

CeCe Caldwell's Stain+Finish is not only a natural stain, but actually contains a finish all in one and comes packaged in (yup, you guessed it) eco-friendly, recycled plastic containers and in five gorgeous colors. All of CeCe's products, including her bright and gorgeous (and truly all natural) Chalk+Clay Paints are amazing. Their stain+finish is no exception, and definitely my favorite stain product on the market. Lately, I've taken to their brand new color, "Beech Nut Gray". It's super dreamy alone but mix in a touch of their "Kukui" color and the combination makes me downright heady. ::smile:: You can order their products through any of their incredible retailers. Just input your zip code HERE and find the nearest one to you. You can also purchase it online through any of the awesome online retailers such as Doozie's Corner.
Here's an example of it in action:

String Art Tutorial Here
Rustic Shelf Tutorial Here

Next up, my favorite paint in the entire world:

The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. makes me smile every time I use it. Why? Well, for starters, it's a true milk paint and actually made from casein protein and earth pigments! Also, I'm secretly a shabby chic, chippy-loving fool! Nothing makes me happier than chippy furniture painted in OFMP. I promise you, it's super easy to mix and to use. The rich earth pigments are just brilliant and you can even thin it out to use it as a stain. It's free of harmful polymers, latex and VOCs. It's also 100% biodegradable. This gorgeous paint was actually awarded a USDA Biobased certification. Just recently, OFMP came up with a solution for a big problem facing fruit trees, go check that out HERE. I could sit here and talk OFMP ALL day, but I won't. You can read more on how to use it, what it is and a bit of its incredibly green and awesome history HERE. You can buy it directly from them online, via phone or through any of their dealers, both nationally and internationally. If you are interested in a discount on your first order, make sure to head over to the Official Question and Answer OFMP Group on FB!

Here it is in action:

Farmhouse Fun
Shabby Chic Milk Painted Buffet

My next product is a recent, new find and I am super excited to share it with you.

If your Mom is a DIY QUEEN, an interior decor enthusiast, she NEEDS this product. Imported from The Netherlands, Pure and Original makes the best true chalk-based paint on the market. Here's the thing, they don't just make their chalky paint (Classico line), they also make INCREDIBLE this incredible paint called Fresco Lime:

Pure and Original Fresco Lime in Steel Blue by The Paint Factory
I just did my daughter's room in both their Classico and Fresco Lime lines, as well as this wall in their Fresco Lime:

I'll be doing my Family Room in their Marrekech line which looks almost like concrete! Stay tuned for more info on this paint and for my Family Room Update!

If you follow me, you KNOW I love the next product as well as the Creative SOUL behind it with ALL MY EVEY HEART! :)

Sparkling SPiT Stain Launching in January 2017!

UNICORN SPiT! Here's Rosie, my Galah posing beside the brand new line of Sparkling Stain which officially launches in January of 2017. That pink color to the left of my sweet 'Pink Chicken" is named after her! :)

Their COMPLETE collection of the original 15 colors can be purchased here at a discounted price.You save when you buy them all.

 Of course it IS Black Friday week, so we DO have some awesome discounts right now. If you head over to Unicorn SPiT's official website, and use the code "GiftofCreativity2016" you can buy 4 bottles and receive 1 FREE of their original colors! (offer expires 11/28/2016)

The stuff is amazing. You can do SO much with it! From staining to glazing...from wood surfaces to glass and can use it however your imagination guides you to! I just spent a week at SPiT headquarters helping to renovate their space with several other bloggers. Stay tuned for some posts on that and make sure you check out the official Question and Answer group on FB.

If you have seen my "How to DIY Green" stage presentation at any Home Show or at the Country Living Fair, you KNOW that I live by the words "Prep is key". You may have also heard me mention this next product. Honestly, it's the BEST degreaser, especially for kitchens and it's GREEN!

Next up is my favorite way to strip furniture, all the while being SAFE and GREEN!
SOY GEL! Did you know that you can even safely strip lead paint with this stuff? Well, you can! It actually encapsulates the lead particles so that they are not released into the air or environment!

If you saw the photo above with my P and O paint, you might have noticed my favorite brush to paint with...the Cling On brush! It goes very well with my green paints and lasts forever, which reduces both waste and cost! This little one is great for detail work and blending! You can also buy them from retailers near you!

I also LOVE my HomeRight sprayers!

This one is on sale RIGHT now for only $50.94 so RUN before the deal is over!

You can see how I spray my furniture in this blog post which details "How to spray (almost) EVERY paint on the market"!

I also love my HomeRight Heat gun and you would be surprised the many GREEN ways you can use it!

Go check out this blog post to see how.

Of Holiday DIY list of mine would be complete with out my new favorite toy, the Cricut Explore Air 2! While this doesn't qualify as a 'Green' product, it certainly can make some amazing GREEN projects! It's super easy to repurpose anything from old windows into wall art, reclaimed wood into signs and so much more! You can see some of my gift ideas for this year using my Cricut if you hop to this blog post.

If you hop over to the link in the photo RIGHT now...their PRE-Black Friday sale is going on and you can save up to 40% on almost everything!

Starting today, you can get an additional 15% off your order plus free shipping with the code "BLACKFRIDAY" at checkout!

I hope you enjoyed my GREEN Holiday Gift Guide! Again, ladies (and Gents) you can just share this list with your friends and family so they know what to get you! :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and I hope you get your Black Friday shopping in tomorrow bright and early!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How to make Custom Holiday Gifts for your loved ones using the Cricut Air2!

Hi Y'all!


Sorry, I needed to get that out. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I'm just so excited to officially get into the holiday spirit!

**Though I was compensated for this post in product and/or monetarily, all opinions, ideas and comments are 100% my own. Please note: this post may also contain affiliate links.**

 Y'all. I know you have seen me go crazy for my new Cricut ALL over Instagram and FB. I just can't help it. I am loving having the ability to make whatever my imagination comes up with!

 Since it's almost Black Friday, Cricut is having a sale, up to 40% and that's only their Early Black Friday Sale! Stay tuned to their website to see what else goes live on Black Friday itself!

Here are some of the gifts I made with MY Cricut Air 2. They're SO easy to make, and so unbelievably cute!

 My Wunkie princess (that's my daughter's nickname if you're new to these parts), just LOVES art and painting. She is quite the budding artist. I post her sketches and paintings quite often on Insta so you will have to go check the out there! If you have been on my corner of the internet before, you may know that her room is purple and teal! She needed a special place to hold all of her artists brushes so I decided to make her a brush holder!

All you need to do this is a Dollar Tree votive holder, some Darice Fine Glitter in Purple and Luminous, some Mod Podge. and your favorite quote! I used a Van Gogh quote since Wunkie loves his work. It reads, "Art brings imagination to life."

Using a brush, Mod Podge the inside of the votive holder, then quickly add the glitter, turning the glass so it evenly coats all of the cup. To do two colors, you must coat each layer separately and wait until the first layer is dry to apply the second one. Some people actually use a glaze coat inside once it's glittered and dry but I just sealed the glitter with a spray lacquer.

For the quote, I used a font that I bought and imported into Design Space, and I cut it on some Adhesive Foil. One of my favorite things about using the Cricut, is that I can easily upload new fonts and images RIGHT into Design Space so I'm not limited to only what is available in my library. You can also purchase Cricut Access which gives you a WEALTH of fonts and images right at your fingertips!

Pro-tip: Make sure you use an alcohol swab or wipe to clean the outside of the glass, then allow it to fully dry before applying the adhesive foil. This ensures proper adhesion and a long lasting product! 

She LOVES her new brush holder!

Speaking of Wunkie...

She's so cute, right?! I also made her this cute long sleeve shirt to wear for the holidays! Super easy to do, and she loves cookies so the design just made her day! I used Cricut Glitter Iron on in Gold. To see a trick on how I ensure that my designs are centered while applying HTV vinyl, check out my video on my Instagram. Again, super easy to make on the Cricut Air2! Just remember to mirror your image in Design Space right before you cut! I speak from experience!

Here's another idea! I stumbled across a 'Blanks' group on FB one day and found a community of folks who create incredible designs on 'acrylic blanks'. Everything from ornaments to keychains! I figured I'd order some keychain blanks to make some gifts, and I gave it a try with the above design. Clearly I need to hone on my skill as some of the lettering is a bit shifted but I love my Longhorns keychain! I've seen people do awesome stuff like glitter the back and monogram the front to name a couple. I have about 20 more blanks so I can keep practicing and make some for my family! Weeding the tiny lettering was likely the toughest part of this project, but only because I have a hard time due to my RA. I'm sure it will get easier with time!

Hope you enjoyed my ideas for some easy DIY Holiday gifts just in time for the holidays! I know I had a BLAST creating them! Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments and I will answer them to the best of my ability!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing my Holiday Gift Guide with a GREEN twist, so stay tuned for that! For those that celebrate Thanksgiving, HAPPY COOKING! I'll be in the kitchen baking some pies the rest of today!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse! Styling a Photoshoot or Birthday Party with the Cricut Air 2!


Hi y'all! One of my favorite things to do is style photoshoots!

I have done quite a few for my talented friend Stefanie of Stefanie Photography!

**Though I was compensated for this post in product and/or monetarily, all opinions, ideas and comments are 100% my own. Please note: this post may also contain affiliate links.**

I also enjoy styling parties! When my kiddies were little, I had a BLAST! From Toy Story Parties, to Dr Seuss and of course, Minnie Mouse ones, I styled them all using my ORIGINAL Cricut machines! I still have my Cricut Expression!

Yesterday was MICKEY MOUSE'S BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday to the most famous mouse EVER!

I thought I'd share this sweet Mickey Mouse-inspired photoshoot I styled last week for Stefanie, as well as take a look back at some of the Mickey/Minnie Inspired parties I've styled and show y'all how EASY with my brand new machine, the Cricut Explore Air 2!

Stock Photo
I was lucky enough to receive the Cricut Air 2 to review and compare it to previous models. I have my Expression as I mentioned, as well as the previous Explore Air.

I figured I'd do it in a fun way! MICKEY MOUSE IS ALWAYS FUN! :)

Photo by Stefanie Photograpy
You can see the rest of the photos for this shoot on Stefanie's FB page here. The sweet birthday boy was just SO precious, too!

The banners were SO easy to make using my Cricut Air 2! Best part, since I had to make a ton of  Mickey heads, I went ahead and gave that new 'fast mode' a try! Did you know that the Cricut Air 2 cuts TWICE as fast as its predecessor?! Well, it does, and it's AWESOME!

I found all of the elements for the banners either in Cricut Access (here's coupon for 10% off the rest of your order if you sign up for Access) or on the Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge which I had from A LONG time ago! Here's a special link for the Cricut Thanksgiving sale, you can buy Cricut cartridges for the lowest price of the season!

I found a stack of cardstock in the colors I needed for the photoshoot and went to town cutting the Mickey heads! I punched holes out where I wanted to hang them, and then used red and white baker's twine to put the banner together.

The front banner was equally as easy. I used a banner found in Cricut Access and cut out each layer in Design Space using the colors I wanted and font I wanted. I put all layers together using my favorite permanent Crafter's tape roll.

Photo by Stefanie Photograpy

SO CUTE, right?!

Here's that Minnie Sweets table I did for my daughter's 5th birthday from LONG ago! Don't judge the picture, my photo skills were not that great back then!

Sweets by Pop-A-Razzi

Though I loved my Cricut Expression back then, the brand new Explore Air 2 definitely makes life SO much easier. Gone are the days of having to purchase the physical cartridges, or being limited to just whatever cartridge you owned. The ease of being able to purchase images and fonts RIGHT in Design Space make for a more fun experience! Also, did you know that you can upload your OWN images and fonts into Design Space!? Well, you can!

So Happy Birthday Mickey, and make sure YOU check out the new Air 2 from Cricut! It makes styling both Photoshoots AND Birthdays a breeze!

What fun Disney projects have YOU done?! Please share them with me in the comments!

A huge thank you to Cricut for continuing to support my crafting habit! ;)

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