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My updated entryway and accent wall

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A couple of months ago, I shared this project over on another blog, but I thought I'd share it here, too for those of you who missed it!

For years, I've struggled with this crazy wall in my entryway. It's a bizarre wall and it's driven me insane ever since we closed up some french doors that were there when we bought the house. We left a recess in the wall with plans to do a built in of some sort but we ended up leaving the space as a great spot for an entryway table instead; and it ended up being the best place for me to stage my furniture flips since it's just about the only room with good lighting in my house.

I've had a series of thrifted tables there throughout the years, but just recently refinished my favorite one with some Pure and Original Classico paint in Blue Reef and Lagoon Water. You can see that tutorial post here.
P&O Entryway table update
Since I didn't like the color, I had begun using the photography background that is in the picture above which my awesome photographer friend, Stefanie, gave me. A great temporary fix, but not one that I could look at on a daily basis.

Here's what it looked like before with no photography background when I photographed my daughter's Frozen-inspired desk. The wall color was great when we first moved in but my taste has totally changed over the years. Also, with painted furniture, I definitely needed a more neutral staging wall.

Frozen-Inspired Vanity Redo

 I know, that green doesn't look so great, right?

Luckily, I found the most amazing GREEN wall paint, EVER.

Pure and Original's Fresco Lime paint!

I chose River Silt since as I mentioned, I needed a nice neutral that I could truly stage furniture in front of, as well as a color that would go well with my decor and my newfound love of neutrals with pops of color in interiors.

To begin my transformation, I prepped the wall by sanding away any imperfections, and I also wiped it down with a damp rag. I waited for it to dry, then, I applied some Wallprim (also by P&O) to it. I had an incredibly cute helper, that did a great job!

Gosh, she's precious!
I allowed the wallprim to dry overnight as it was getting late and dark and you do need to wait a few hours as per the instructions on the label.
The next morning, I applied the first layer of Fresco, working wet to wet in long, vertial strokes. It is important that you cannot cut your edges as you usually would with regular paint. If it you do, and it dries that way, you will see the variation of striations and strokes. You can use the following of two methods: paint vertically, or in an X form which will give you a 'cloudy' appearance. I personally am IN LOVE with and a huge fan of the vertical method. It just looks so industrial and mordern...clean, you know? As the paint begins to dry, you will see the lovely striations. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Isn't it just LOVELY?! I wanted it to look dramatic, so I only applied one coat of Fresco Lime. If you want a less dramatic finish or a more even outcome, wait 8 hours in between coats and add a second coat (even a third, just make sure you wait those 8hrs in between each coat). Keep in mind that with a true mineral paint, drying will take a slightly longer time, but that it's TRULY worth the wait since it's safe, non-toxic and GREEN.

The only thing I did to finish off the look that I wanted was to lightly sand down the wall for a more even feel, especially to help blend where my brush strokes began and ended. I just LOVE my new accent wall.

Since painting the wall, my staged furniture looks SO much better.

Farmhouse-inspired end table
(I know, I need to fix those floors. I promise, that will be happening SOON!)

What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do?!

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  1. i never heard of this paint. your helper was adorable and i love how this turned out

  2. I love it! Thank you for sharing this and now I have the inspiration to do some painting myself :-)

  3. Beautiful! I really like the way that turned out. Can that paint be used on furniture as well? Wonder how that would look...

  4. Evey that is beautiful love the color.

  5. Beautiful, i love it, from one Evey to another one.

  6. Wow the paint makes a world of difference!


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