Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Minni Mouse Cake Topper Tutorial


I showed y'all my daughter's cake yesterday and promised here is the tutorial for how to make the toppers!  I had seen this picture floating around on Pinterest, however there wasn't a tutorial.  Though I thought of using royal icing to use as glue, I opted for chocolate ganache, because I really liked the idea of a chocolate-covered Oreo! 

 You will need regular size Oreos, Mini or Bite-sized Oreos, some fairly large heart-shaped sprinkles, and some chocolate ganache.  It is extremely easy to make, and I feel like this  recipe and video tutorial describes it best.  Set up an assembly line and place your Oreos on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and begin "gluing" the Minnie heads together with some ganache on their backs.
Place the "glued" heads in the freezer to speed up the hardening process for the ganache.  After about an hour, remove them from the freezer and turn them onto their backs.  Use more ganache to "paste" two heart sprinkles into a bow shape onto the front of the Oreo Minnie head. 

That's it! So easy, right!? Check out one more time how cute it looks on the cake and cupcakes!



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  1. This is so great! Interesting enough, I'm throwing a Minnie party for my daughter Evie and just love this simple easy cake! Much easier and more delicious than fondant! thank you!


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