Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Hi y'all! HAVE YOU SEEN IT?! Well, duh, you're here. ::insert pancake face:: hehehe

I have a BRAND NEW site design! It was done by the talented Ms. Elle of Pink Flame Designs. The HAND PAINTED watercolor artwork (my Rosie, the cage and flowers) were done by the amazing Ms. Carmella of Creative Carmella! Seriously, I'm over the moon! Guess what that means?

Yup. Time for a GIVEAWAY! ::Oprah voice::

Elle has graciously offered up her services FOR FREE for one lucky winner! Here's what you can win:

1 Basic Custom BLOGGER design (valued $175) and includes the following:

·                   1 Full blog background
·                  4 fonts: 2 stock, 2 custom
·                  1 set of social media icons (to be determined by client)
·                  1 Custom header
·                  1 custom sidebar
·                  1 Custom footer
·                  1 Social Media add-on
·                  1 Disclaimer
·                  1 Copyright code
·                  1 About me blurb
·                  1 Custom Blogger button & grab code
·                  1 Favicon
·                  1 Custom Search bar
·                  1 Custom jump break graphic
·                  2 Additional Template codes (ex: Google Analytics)
·                  1 Install (requires access to the clients blog settings)
·                  40 hours of actual design work
·                  1 Custom mood board
·                  3 Custom button logos
·                  1 custom banner logo
·                  1 custom email signature
·                  1 custom blog signature

As well as One Creative Coaching Module (valued at $50) of YOUR choice! You can check those out here. There are five different ones you can choose from according to your specific needs.

Guess what? We're not done, yet! Elle has ALSO offered a $25 discount on ANY of her services for those who DON'T win or don't want to enter.

I'm so extremely happy with my new site! Tell me, what's your favorite part of it? Thank you to Elle and to Carmella for their incredible talents and time! Love you both, ladies!

Now, the rules for the giveaways.  Please enter below via Rafflecopter widgets, and one winner per widget will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter in 5 days.  The winner will then be notified via email and the name will also be visible here in THIS post.  Please respond to the email (vendor) with your information within 48 hours of the announcement, or else someone else will be chosen.  It is up to YOU to contact the vendor to claim your prize.  You can earn entries by following the instructions in  Rafflecopter, some are optional extra entries, some are mandatory. Thank you and good luck!

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  1. This is wonderful! Great job! Can't wait to see all your projects!!

  2. Congratulations on your new blog design, and all of your new ventures! I'm so proud and grateful to call you my friend :) I can't choose just one favorite part of the new design - maybe the color scheme? Or the polka dots? Or the adorable watercolor graphics?? Gah! I don't know!! :)

  3. love your blog love the design and the style

  4. Looks great Evey! I love the signature.

  5. Love Love Love the new blog!! Especially the little preview area on the home page for Twitter and such.. <3

  6. I love your sparkly signature! <3

  7. I love your sparkly signature! <3


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