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My Favorites and the WINNER! June FFFC

Hi y'all! Our June Fab Flippin' Contest was such fun! Thank you to The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. for sponsoring it and thank you to our amazing group of bloggers who competed! If you haven't checked out the original milk paint, you need to! :)

If you are just joining us and haven't the slightest idea what I'm talking about, well I'll tell you! The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest (FFFC) is a monthly themed contest for furniture flippin' bloggers. They compete for a grand prize by that month's sponsor and we all just have a blast! We have six fab hosts and guest judges every month, so it's fun but fair as well!

Our hosts are:

Stacy of Anastasia Vintage (Co-Creator)
Charlotte of Ciburbanity
Lynn of Fern Avenue
Michelle of Dandelion Patina
and ME! (Co-Ceator)

This month, the participants were competing for this fab OFMP prize package:

Six quarts of OFMP (winner's choice of colors), one quart of Extra-Bond, one pint of Antique Crackle, one 5 oz. tin of Daddy Van's Clear Wax (in either Unscented, Lavender or Orange Oil), and one 2 oz. tin EACH of Daddy Van's Antique Brown & Shadow Black waxes!
That's a whole lot of paint!

Enough of that though, let's get to the features! We had so many incredible entries, it was REALLY tough to narrow it down to my top three. The votes from everyone helped, though! Make sure you all vote even more next time, ok?

My top favorite was one that received the most votes from the readers.

via Lovely Retro Renos
Stefani of Lovely Retro Renos not only KILLED the theme, but really made her milk painted dresser shine! It's just the right amount of shabby chic, chippy and sophisticated, all at once. The details really just blew me away. I serious fell in love with this piece.

I also fell in love with the next piece.

via Brepurposed

Bre of Brepurposed really did an incredible job with her shabby chic desk! First of all, that green just pops and is so cheerful! Secondly, it's distressed just enough and the knobs really bring the whole theme together. I'm a sucker for desks, and this one made my heart swoon.

via Sweet Tea Refinishing

A couple other things that make me swoon....two-toned pieces and Empire pieces! This sweet piece by Sweet Tea Refinishing really caught my attention. Slate is one of my favorite OFMP colors, hands down, and using a true milk paint to refinish this antique is one way to ensure that you don't devalue the piece. Milk paint is always "era appropriate" as it's been around for CENTURIES.

Wonderful job ladies!  There were several others that I loved, but I'm sure you want me to get to the WINNER!

Here it is! THIS PIECE BLEW US ALL AWAY and to make it even sweeter, the story BEHIND this piece is one for the books!

via 58 Water Street
Colleen of 58 Water Street really did an amazing job with her jelly cupboard! It was actually a piece that had been in her family since her childhood and her father had painted it 30 years ago in, YOU GUESSED IT, Old Fashioned Milk Paint! You have to hop over to her blog to read the whole story and to see the pictures of her dad's old milk paint packages that her mom had kept over the years!

CONGRATULATIONS, Colleen! This contest was a close one, you guys! The top three entries were only separated by one point each! It was just THAT good of a contest!

It was so good in fact, that the awesome people over at Hometalk took notice and featured it over on The Huffington Post! Congrats to all the awesome ladies that were featured, including my co-creator Stacy and our fab hosts, Lynn, Carrie and Michelle!

Thank you again to The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. for sponsoring the month of June, and a special thanks to Anne of OFMP for guest hosting!

If you are furniture flippin' blogger and you'd like to participate in the FFFC, please email either Stacy or myself at and 

See y'all next month! July's contest goes live on Monday!

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