Monday, September 8, 2014

Our stint on FLEA MARKET FLIP, pt. 2!

Photo by DeeConstructed
DID YOU SEE IT?! We were on Flea Market Flip y'all!!! IT WAS A BLAST!

*******SPOILER ALERT********

Yup. We lost. Everyone go over to and click on the fail button. ::giggle::

It's ok, I promise we were just happy to be on the show at all! Get ready to see a behind the scenes look at our awesome TV journey!

Our three day journey started at the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, Connecticut.

We spent the whole day there, as they film multiple episodes all at once! There are three producers and camera crews doing all the major work! (Thanks, Dustin and Demetrius! You guys were the best!)

Dustin and Demetrius- FMF Producers

There were tons of amazing stuff to browse at the Elephant's Trunk, and browse, I did! I even scored some sweet nautical decor items for the boys' room!

Production team

David Dall- Workshop Craftsman

Our second day was the longest and toughest! It was our workshop day.  I still don't understand how only 22 minutes of finished product comes from 3 full 12 hour shoot dates! That workshop was a dream.  I said several times while there, how I wished I could just take the whole thing with me and plant it in my back yard!

I gotta say, we truly had a blast filming the show!

The third day was hot, humid, and sticky.  We did manage to sell everything, but the other team had a secret....they had purchased that 3 piece set for ONLY $12.

 Yes. We lost.  You know what, though? We got to do this awesome thing TOGETHER and we truly laughed and had fun the whole time! Ok. Maybe except when it was hot and humid and stuff wasn't selling on that fateful third day. ;)  Other than that part, we had a BLAST!

I made a mirror on national television, E got to stain furniture for the first time ever, and we cut legs off of a metal table to make a rolling bar cart! How many people can say that?!

Thank you to all who watched, left messages, comments and emails. I enjoyed going along for the ride with all of you!


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  1. How fun. I will watch for your segment with more interest now.

  2. What fun! Love that show! will look for your episode!

  3. I watch that show all the time. I love how they take old stuff as junk and flip into something more useful. I am doing some of that with my old pieces.


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