Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Bentos

Hey y'all!! So apparently, many moms at school hate me. :(  Word on the playground is my kids have the coolest lunches! Apparently, I make the other moms' lunches look bland!  ;)  But you know what!?!?

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 :) HAHA! I'm kidding, please don't ever take me seriously.  Well, okay, sometimes take me seriously...just not now!

In case you don't know what a "bento" is, it's a Japanese-inspired themed meal contained in one box.  Google will be amazed at the level of talent out there!

These are last year's Valentine's Day Bentos. I'm excited to make this year's!  I'm planing some sweet owl themed ones.

"Sealed with a Kiss" Bento

Now, I promise...bentos DON'T take a long time, and they AREN'T difficult to make! All it takes to make a sweet bento is some cute mini cookie cutters and silicone cupcake liners! The strawberries are simply hulled in a "v" shape then sliced, creating the heart shape.  The sandwich is simply a turkey and cheese sandwich with a triangle of cheese and bread as the flap.  See? Easy-peasy!

"Sealed with a Kiss" Bento
Aspieboy is allergic to strawberries, so he got raspberries instead! :) Hope I've inspired you to try out some Bentos!

Valentine's Day is JUST around the corner!


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