Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Hometalk Party!

So, I had a Hometalk party....back in August.  I know, way to keep up with blogging, Evey.  :sigh:

I know I've told you about Hometalk...I'm kind of in LOVE. :) The nice people over there were kind enough to send us some swag for for the party! :)

It was supposed to be a summer garden, outdoor party.  It was pouring the day of; and  I mean TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS!  We were supposed to do some woodworking.  We crafted indoors instead, and STILL had a blast! We made some wreaths!

Notice how DARK it was outside? :(

I like working on the floor, too, Carole! :)

Each lady got to take a sweet Hometalk apron home!

Of course, they took home their wreaths, as well!

Many of my thrifted treasures served a good purpose, like this awesome $10 vintage Whiskey crate which held the plates.

Lots of delicious goodies were eaten.

 We had some apple pie cupcakes...

and some of Ms. E's amazing quesadillas and chicken/sweet potato pockets!  :)

We laughed, chatted and crafted! It was a blast!

Thank you, Hometalk! If you haven't joined Hometalk.com yet, make sure you do!  It's an awesome online forum of all things DIY and home! Oooh and follow me there, yes!?


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  1. Dang it- I totally wanted to come...that rain really made it hard for me to get there! Looks like a Hometalk Blast Evey EEEE!! Too cool..and yes that Hometalk Clan is pretty dang fantastic I must say! Nice work lady- loved those aprons!

  2. What an awesome party! I wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing, Evey.

  3. So glad you had fun - what's better than a night in with the girls! Torrential downpours are no match for Hometalk!


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