Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweater Wine Bag!

Pretty Snow!

Well, it snowed here in Western NJ, which appropriately enough, provided some nice photo opportunities for the project I wanted to share with you! 

All Natural "Flocking" :)

I had seen these sweet and cozy-looking wine bottle gift bags floating around Pinterest, and decided to make one!  I had some leftover scraps from a sweater I bought for $0.50 at my local thrift store that I had used for another project! (You will see that one soon, too, I promise!) I had JUST the parts I needed: the sleeves! 

I used THIS tutorial, with the exception of the circle of fabric for the base.  I simply sewed straight across (while inside out) and down the corners to cut down the angle and width of the sleeve. 

Stay warm y'all because it is COLD OUTSIDE! :)

::cue "Baby it's cold outside" the Dean Martin/Martina McBride version! ;)


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