Friday, June 1, 2012

Homemade Body Scrub


Hi y'all!  As I type this, I'm pretty sure many of your kids have already finished school for the year or are getting ready for summer vacation!  Here in Jersey, we go until about mid-June, though at times we go until late June depending on how severe our winter was! Still, I'm sure many of you are already planning beach and poolside stints! ;)  Winter has left me quite dry and damaged skin-wise.  The snow here is HARSH and that wind...boy!  Sometimes I feel like I should just walk around with Vaseline on my entire face! 0_o!

Last weekend, the pool opened at our campgrounds.  I had to wear my bathing suit, y'all!  My knees (amongst other things) were BEYOND ashy! So today, I wanted to share with you my go-to exfoliating secret!  Here is my recipe for HOMEMADE (all natural, GF) Vanilla Body Scrub!


2c Brown Sugar (I prefer Light)

1c granulated or raw organic sugar

1c Grapeseed Oil (You can use Olive Oil if you don't have this)

1 1/2 Tbs Pure Vanilla Extract (Yes you can use other scents/essential oils in its place, though use less as they are concentrated.)


Combine sugars with a fork until there are no clumps left and they are thoroughly mixed.  Add grapeseed oil and vanilla extract.  Combine thoroughly.  Package in an airtight container, such as a mason jar.  Store at room temperature.  Scrub will keep for about a month to 6 weeks. 

A common question I get asked is why I prefer Grapeseed oil to other oils.  For one, it doesn't have as potent an odor as olive oil does.  Also, it has the added benefit of vitamin E, though you can always add a couple drops of vitamin E to your scrub.

My skin is EXTREMELY sensitive, so I don't ever buy body scrubs or even lotions to put on my face.  I find my homemade ones suffice and also keep me from breaking out.  I hope you'll give homemade beauty products a try!  I'll be sure to post some other beauty product recipes soon!  As always, I do offer these for sale!  I'll even package them nicely if they're gifts or party favors like I did for a baby shower a few weeks ago!




  1. I want to try this, but I might be tempted to eat some too!

    1. Totally edible! LOL...but it works amazingly, so I'd just use it on my skin instead! ;)



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