Sunday, October 30, 2011

DIY Super Girl Costume-No Sew

Hello! :) My Wunkie, being the very demanding Wunkie that she is, was very adamant about her costume choice this year. She wanted to be Super Girl, and she wanted the puppy boy to be her side kick! :) So I got to planning!  I had seen many superhero costumes made out of large T-shirts (like this one) and I knew this is how I would approach her request! :) She is after all, the Princess.  I found the following shirts at Walmart for $3 each, XXL men's sizes and following this cape tutorial, I cut the fabric accordingly to make two capes, one for Wunkie and one for Duke!

I then figured I could make her skirt following a similar method.  I cut the blue T-shirt across the middle making sure it was just the right length for her tiny self! I folded the top down a couple inches and cut the slits again, threaded the ribbon through and VOILA! A skirt she could tie at her side.  


She happened to have a sleep shirt with the Superman logo on it, and some red tights to complete her costume.  Walmart usually has these for about 5 dollars a piece.  You could also easily just print out an iron on transfer for a t-shirt you already own, for the same effect.

Here she is! As you can she, she really got into character!  The headband was cut from the arm of the same t-shirt I used for her skirt. :) Ain't she CUTE?!

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  1. Creative Idea and SUPER CUTE Supergirl!!! I'm your newest follower!!! Come on over and see my Frugal Star Wars Characters! :)

    Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

  2. She is definitely a Super girl! Adorable!
    Thanks for linking you supergirl to Potpourri Friday!

  3. <3 Thank you Honey! And thank you for hosting so we can all link up!

  4. Wunkie is adorable and I love the costume!

  5. I love a no sew project- super great!
    xo Becca

  6. Superhero costume is a interesting idea for everyone.I like it very much.


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