Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Morning! Catch-up time again! I should mention that in my household, we celebrate EVERYTHING!  Yes, I'm one of THOSE moms! :) I won't even get into HOLIDAYS!  (Especially Christmas!) Y'all will see soon enough! haha- So one of my fav celebrations is Dr. Seuss' birthday in March.  Mind you, I go all out as class mom and even dress up as one of the characters when we have the class parties as the kids' school!  Peanut loves it, he is only 7...the 9 year old might be over it.  Every March 2nd, our morning starts off with green eggs and ham for breakfast!  Then we get dressed for school, I make them Seussical shirts every year!  I, being the Seuss freak that I am own several Seuss shirts! Once they're off to school I get to baking!  We have a Seuss "Happy Birthday to You" party every year after school.  We invite some friends and have some Seussical fun!  Here are the pics of this year's shirts, cake and cupcakes! 
While we're on the topic of cakes, here are a few more of my cakes! 
The first is a chocolate sponge cake with cream and strawberry filling, and strawberry cream cheese frosting. The second was for my kids' going away party when we moved, I got the idea here and just made it my own.  The third was a Toy Story cake (duh) for a client.  I took various ideas from many cakecentral.com cakes and combined them into this one.  I also made costumes for this client, including Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head for the parents, and Jessie pants for the child.  Here are the pants:
I'll have to find some pics of the other costumes without the clients in them to respect their privacy! :) Or maybe I'll just crop them out? haha- Enjoy your day, it's a gorgeous one out here in Western Jersey! 

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