Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cricut Challenge: Biggie Inspired Tshirt

Hi y'all! I'm so excited for this month's Cricut Challenge!! First, let me say that this project though easy to make, was no simple feat to accomplish. Why? Well, it was difficult to accomplish because my township has been without power for 10days after we got hit with two back to back nor'easters and snow storms. Thankfully, someone offered up her home so I could Cricut in time for the post to go live!

I'll stop blabbing now...well first let me say that you want to stick to the end of this post, since there's a GIVEAWAY! Also, make sure to check out the other awesome bloggers that participated in the challenge for more crafty Cricut inspiration! (Also linked at end of post.)

**Though I was compensated for this post in product and/or monetarily, all opinions, ideas and comments are 100% my own. Please note: this post may also contain affiliate links.**

Make sure you also check out our sponsor, Happy Crafters! They very graciously provided these comfy tshirts and the awesome HTV for this project! Woohoo!

The shirts are super soft and they fit comfortably! Side-note, thank you to my in laws for letting us and our puppy come hang at their house, too during this crazy time! That cabinet behind me in the above picture is just chock full of memories from the kids', my brother in law's and hubby's childhoods! :) 

Back to my awesome DIY Biggie-inspired Tshirt...

I used some Cricut access fonts for this design on Cricut Design Space. March 9th marked the 21st anniversary of Biggie's death, so being the Biggie fan that I am, I decided a Biggie quote was JUST what my Happy Crafters' Tshirt needed! I ordered some black holographic HTV that can be found here, and this black tshirt, and chose my quote. I got this from his song titled "Sky's the limit" and I love it!

I just love watching my Maker in action!

Sidenote: Yes, this is what I look like when the power goes out for this long...
I had a bunny left over from an Easter project, so it's on my Maker for the time being. I also used my handy Easy Press for this project! (The Easy Press is on sale! Use this link to save $20 and use code MYSTERYMARCH for free shipping on all orders over $95.) I used the 'Holographic Sparkle Iron-on on fabric' setting to apply my HTV.

Anyone else find weeding vinyl to be oh-so-satisfying?!

I wanted to go for the 'black on black' thing, but with a twist! ;) When the sun or light hits the tshirt, the holographic rainbow POPS! It's pretty awesome!


Isn't the holographic effect so pretty?


I was clearly feeling my shirt, so I took a selfie on Snap the day I wore it. (Anyone else wish that snap filters were real life? Just sayin' skin is flawless with this filter!  Ha!)

Anyone else love Biggie as much as I do!? You can find the file here, free to use as long as you have Cricut Access on Design Space. Use this link for 10% off your order after you buy a subscription to Cricut Access.

A huge thank you to Jeanie and Michelle who had the great idea to get us all together!

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Last but not least, ENTER TO WIN!

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