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Rustic Shelving Tutorial

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Hey y'all! I know, an actual post, FROM ME! ;)

Today, I'm sharing how I create gorgeous, rustic shelving that has a high end decor feel, for close to NOTHING cost-wise.

Photo Credits: Charlotte of Ciburbanity
If read my post on the incredible project, "Blogger's Heart Habitat" that I was so lucky to be a part of, you saw these shelves. They were in the room that Lynn of Fern Avenue and I completed for it. Charlotte was kind enough to take some photos for me!

CeCe Caldwell's Paints was one of the amazing sponsors for the project. As you know, I'm a CeCe Brand Rep, so here's my latest post for them!

Photo Credits: Charlotte of Ciburbanity
The room was tiny so I thought it best to get the decor OFF the ground and onto the walls. Shelving was the best way to achieve this!


-(1) One 1" x 10" x either 8ft or 10ft Pine board, cut into three even pieces (or whatever length you want your shelving to be. If the shelf is to be longer than 4ft, I would recommend you use three brackets instead of two, like I used. (My shelves were around 2ft-3ft long.)

-Cast Iron Brackets (either 8" or 10"), Lynn scored our 8" ones at Hobby Lobby while they were on sale.

-If you are not able to anchor these on studs (which is what I'd recommend) make sure you purchase drywall anchors compatible with your screws to mount these shelves safely. The iron brackets are heavy.

-CeCe Caldwell's Paints Stain+Finish in Beechnut Gray.

-Paintbrush, Sanding Sponge and level


-Lightly sand away the factory finish on your lumber, then using a brush stain your shelves always following the grain of the wood. Since CeCe's Stain+Finish is just that, a Stain PLUS a Finish, you don't need to worry about adding extra protection to the shelves. (For high-traffic areas though, I do recommend a couple of extra coats of their "Endurance" to make sure your finish stays safe.) The amazing Gray color gives this new pine wood and old, worn look!

-Mount your brackets safely onto the lumber itself, then mount the whole unit safely onto either the drywall (using the anchors) or onto the studs.

-Make sure you are hanging them straight using a level.


Total Project Cost was less than $35!
Here's the Facebook Live Video I did from the Habitat House showing you how to stain the shelves!

Staining some shelves using CeCe Caldwell's Paints Stain + Finish in Beechnut Gray for the Habitat house! #ad
Posted by Evey's Creations on Saturday, July 16, 2016
Photo Credit: Charlotte of Ciburbanity
I loved these shelves so much, that I will be replicating them in my own home for my family room redo!

Thanks to CeCe for another awesome month of DIY'ing GREEN! To find my other 'CeCe Brand Rep' posts, just search "CeCe Caldwell's Paints" in the search bar and they should all pop RIGHT up!

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