Monday, October 5, 2015

"Spray it Pretty" October FFFC- Sponsored by: HomeRight

**Though I was compensated in product and/or monetarily for this post, all ideas, thoughts and opinions are 100% mine!

Hi y'all! It's October and you know what that means...A NEW FAB FURNITURE FLIPPIN' CONTEST! :)

If you're just joining us and haven't the slightest idea as to what I'm referring to, allow me to explain.
The FFFC is a monthly competition for Fab Furniture Flippin' Bloggers who get to compete for a grand prize! Each month, we will have a different theme, and each month will be sponsored by a different brand. The participants are competing to win a prize from that month's fab sponsor!

This month's fab sponsor is none other than HomeRight! You guys already know how much I love this company! I've even told you how to 'Spray (almost) every type of paint' with their amazing paint sprayers. I've also shared with you some ways to use your HR Digital Temp Heat Gun!

HomeRight makes a plethora of DIY-friend products that will help you fulfill all of your DIY dreams. I'm serious, go check them out! Thank you to HomeRight for sponsoring this month!

I got to try out their newest product, their brand new Spray Shelter. I used my Finish Air Max Pro, and once I have enough sunlight to properly photograph my project, I will share it with you. (Sorry, we've had nothing but rain thanks to the storm that has hit the East Coast. Prayers are with those in SC, especially.)
I can't share my latest piece with you just yet, but try and guess what it is! I will give you a hint's a furniture repurpose that matches my daughter's Frozen-Inspired Vanity and she will be able to sit on it! I loved the fact that I was able to spray inside since spraying outside was out of the question with the rain. I simply put a tarp down in my workshop and set up the spray shelter and sprayed away. I promise to share pics as soon as it's bright enough in my home to take them! In the meanwhile, here are some pictures of other pieces I've sprayed using my HR sprayer!

Frozen-Inspired Vanity

Details, details...

Ain't she pretty!?

Milk-Painted Buffet
Yes, true real deal milk paint. It sprays like a dream!

Custom General Finishes Color Blend
I personally love to spray acrylics but I find that you can spray virtually any type of paint!

I cannot wait to see what our participants link up for this month's entries! HomeRight was awesome enough to provide sprayers for EACH participant this month! YES! Up for grabs as the grand prize is their brand new Spray Shelter and their Digital Temp Heat Gun! It doesn't get much better than that!

Make sure you hop over to the other hosts' blogs to see their inspiration pieces. (Check back here for mine, too!) This month, Lynn and I are the featured hosts. Make sure to check out her post here.

Our other Fab Hosts are:

Stacy of Anastasia Vintage
Charlotte of Ciburbanity
Carrie of Thirty Eight Street

and our brand new host:

Colleen of 58 Water Street

You will be able to see the entries as they come in below!

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  1. This was my first piece using a sprayer! Thanks for a new challenge ;)


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