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My Favorites and our WINNERS! August FFFC

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Hey y'all! I hope you enjoyed this month's Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest as much as we did!

The entries were all so amazing, and this month, we got to pick TWO winners!

Thanks to D. Lawless Hardware for sponsoring our "Icing on the cake" contest for August. You can hop over here to see all of the entries. As always, thanks to our fab hosts and all of the amazing participants that submitted their wonderful projects!

If you are just joining us and haven't the slightest idea what I'm talking about, well I'll tell you! The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest (FFFC) is a monthly themed contest for furniture flippin' bloggers. They compete for a grand prize by that month's sponsor and we all just have a blast! We have six fab hosts and guest judges every month, so it's fun but fair as well!

Our hosts are:

Stacy of Anastasia Vintage (Co-Creator)
Charlotte of Ciburbanity
Lynn of Fern Avenue
Carrie of Thirty Eighth Street
Michelle of Dandelion Patina
and ME! (Co-Ceator)
This month we were lucky enough to be able to pick a 1st and 2nd place winner thanks to D. Lawless' awesomeness. Yes, that's a word. It is in my book anyway. 1st place is $200 worth of hardware from D.Lawless hardware's site, and 2nd place is $50 worth of hardware also from their site and they get to pick it all out! That's a WHOLE lot of hardware! (Thank you, Derrick!!!)

Their site is just chock full of amazingly gorgeous hardware, but also things like hinges, casters, wooden appliques and so much more! Go check them out.

Now to get to the features!

This month was seriously an incredibly imaginative month when it came to entries. The contestants' creativity just blew me away! Here are my favorites and this month's top voted entry:

Kandice from "Just the woods" had the highest votes this month! Go Kandice! Her piece definitely 'sparkled' in all of the right places!

via Just the Woods

My favorite pieces were all equally lovely and the photography was spot on, as well!

Karin of Art is Beauty never fails to amaze me with her work. Her use of D. Lawless' green cut glass knobs was both lovely and perfectly done.

via Art is Beauty

Christine of Let's Get Crafty turned a boring CD cabinet into an amazingly FAB Apothecary chest! Seriously, it's awesome.

via Let's Get Crafty

Our 2nd place winner is Leslie of Paper Daisy Design! Her SWEET Ikea hack is just too awesome for words...the hardware truly was the 'icing on the cake', too! Check it out! You seriously need to hop over to her blog to see the "Before", y'all. The transformation is incredible.

via Paper Daisy Design
 Our grand prize winner totally deserves the win, y'all. Lucy of Patina Paradise SLAYED this contest. She DIY'ed her very own Trumeau Mirror. No, I'm serious. It is amazing, too! She mentioned loving the appliques she got for the contest and hoping to win so that she could order some more. Well, Lucy, you can order all the appliques you want, now! CONGRATULATIONS! Y'all need to head over to her blog NOW to see how she did it!

via Patina Paradise

There you have it! Another #fabflippincontest under our belt! Congrats to all of the Judges' Favs and of course a huge congratulations to our winners! Once again, a HUGE thanks to Derrick of D. Lawless Hardware for sponsoring this month! If you were featured, make sure you grab the respective button to show off your win/feature on your blog! It can be found in our FB group!

See you next week as we kick off the September contest!

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  1. Thank you so much for making me one of your faves. This was such a fun project!
    Thanks so much!

  2. My beautiful, talented girls. I have a big favor. I have 2 1950's end tables, the ones that have the half shelf on top of the long shelf. I want to do something amazing with them and I can't get my brain to get motivated with an idea. Any ideas from you all would be greatly appreciated. God bless and thank you sweeties.

    1. Hi Penny! Can you post the pictures to my FB or Google Plus page? I'd love to share some ideas with you! Just do a google search for "Evey's Creations" and my pages will all pop right up. I have seen those tables turned into Lego tables, as well modified to add baskets, etc.



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