Friday, June 5, 2015

Upcycled K-cup Mini Garden Tutorial

**Though these classes are sponsored by DecoArt Inc., all opinions and ideas are 100% my own.**

One of my favorite aspects of my 'job' is teaching. I have the awesome honor of teaching some incredible 2nd and 3rd graders an Upcycled/Recycled Arts and Crafts through my wonderful Township's Education Foundation and their Community Education Program. It's a blast! I get to teach my passion of all things crafting and upcycling and also get to enjoy some giggles with these sweet and amazing kids, including my own daughter who is in the 3rd grade!
For privacy purposes, I only post pictures of my daughter from the classes. Ain't she cute!?

DecoArt Inc.has an amazing program called the "Helping Artist Program", and they provide all the awesome paints and supplies for my classes so that I can keep the cost of classes low and affordable for all in the township. The fact that we use all recycled FREE materials (except for paints, etc) helps immensely.

I was inspired by The Kim Six's K-Cup Daffodil artwork. I knew though, that I wanted a real garden using K-Cups. So the kids and I did just that.

The first thing we did was paint the K-Cups. (They were donated already cleaned out, so you'll have to do that first.) One of my students thought the Earth was appropriate for this project. I agree!

Another budding, talented artist decided to make her own version of "Starry Night" on one of the black K-cups. Clever, right!? She came up with that one all on her own!

Some went for a more simple, yet colorful look. The K-Cups were the perfect size for their small hands.

My daughter decided that flowers were the way to go. Her tulips are so cute!

After the paint was dry, some of the kids punched holes in the K-cups and tied some string on it, so they could have hanging mini plants. Others kept them as they were. 

Some Organic Seed Starter soil was added to them, then they planted Zinnias and other pretty flowers in them. Some chose to pot already grown plants. My daughter's planted Zinnias started to sprout two weeks after she potted them. They did such a great job!

What have YOU planted this year? Thanks for checking us out!
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