Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lalaloopsy Party

FINALLY! I have edited the Lalaloospy Pink and Teal Sewing party pictures and am posting it here y'all! ENJOY! :)

The amazing fondant topper was done by the incredible Ms. Pop-a-Razzi aka Dawn (of course) as were the incredible cookies! I made huge poms and decorated with my daughter's Lalaloopsy dolls, as well as some other Lalaloopsy items she had, such as a bank and a jewelry holder.

The gorgeous printables were designed by Beth Kruse Creations. Check out her Etsy store!


The girls drank pink lemonade and there were buttons and scraps of fabric filling jars everywhere.  They weren't just for show, however.  This WAS a sewing party!

My friend lent me her gorgeous vintage Singer sewing machine and I placed my homemade party favors on it, as well as some more decorations and candy jars.  I made mason jar sewing kits! Look for the tutorial next week!

The girls learned how to sew and made these cute flowers on embroidery rings, and the adults that knew how took turns embroidering initials and names.  We had a blast!

This made for a VERY happy birthday girl!

Thanks for checking us out! Once again, here is the cake! The recipe for the vanilla version can be found here, it was gluten free and red velvet, and all you need to do is add 3tbs of pure cocoa powder to make it red velvet!

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  1. Loved this! I had a Lalaloopsy party for Naliya too! There is so much you can do with them and go in so many directions. I really loved that they learned to sew, that was very fun!


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