Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blogger's Day Out at Cutting Edge Stencils

Source: The Shed

(Left to Right: Laura of The Shed, Me, Kelly of Eclectically Vintage, Miriam of Hometalk, Jenny of Days of Chalk and Chocolate, Jen of City Farmhouse, Laura of Finding Home, Janna of Cutting Edge Stencils.)

Hi y'all!  Last Friday, I got to do something REALLY awesome!  I spent the day at Cutting Edge Stencils' headquarters with some awesome Hometalk Bloggers! Getting to meet these ladies in REAL life was pretty cool. 

Laura and me

I was especially excited to get to hug my sweet friend, Laura in real life! We pretty much giggled at everything throughout the entire event together. It was so much fun!

We got a really cool tour of CES and we got to meet Janna and Greg, the owners of this awesome business!  Janna and Greg both have an extensive background in decorative painting, and are very talented and super creative.  It was such an amazing experience to see the company through their eyes.  They are very passionate about what they do!  I really liked their stencils before, but now I'm smitten with THEM as well!  It was also cool to meet Michelle, who does all of their social media work! We had been tweeting and Instagramming (is that a word?!) back and forth for awhile, so it was cool to see the face behind the tweets! She was truly a sweetheart.

Janna and Michelle
We also got some demonstrations and tips on how to properly stencil both on a tote bag and on a real wall!

Here's Janna using their brand new "Charlotte" stencil, giving us the proper technique and demo.

Laura was the first one up!
Instagram: The finishing touches

Thank you Cutting Edge Stencils and Hometalk for hosting such a fun and informative event!  A special thanks to both companies for my awesome new swag! :) You will all be seeing lots of fun stenciling thanks to all the cool new stencils I got!

Make sure you check out all the gorgeous stencils over at Cutting Edge Stencils and take full advantage of their tutorial videos! 

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  1. It was a fabulous day - so glad I finally got to meet you Evey! You are even better in person!

    1. aw thank you lady! It was REALLY cool meeting you all in real life! I had such a great time! Totally worth the exhaustion afterwards LOL

  2. This looked like WAy too much fun, and a crafter's dream!

  3. We had an awesome time! Thanks for coming and making the event such a success! -Michelle

  4. I absolutely loved getting to FINALLY meet you in person, girlfriend! And of course the icing on the cake was the amazing tour and demos we got from Janna and Greg! And you're right about Michelle - what a savvy, organized, stylish, and fun gal she is! All in all? Fantabulous day that I'm still smiling about!

  5. What the What? How fun.. wish I was a fly on the wall- forget that- wish I was there with you all! What a great day!

  6. I'm so jealous! I wish I were closer so I could bond with all Y'all!!! It looks like Y'all had a wonderful time! ~Tammy

  7. Ahhhh, I love seeing all you gals together in real life! One day I'll be able to join you!

  8. Now that's one sweet group of bloggers! Looks like an awesome fun time! Bummed my vacation overlapped and I couldn't make it but looking forward to meeting you one of these days, Evey! :)


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