Thursday, October 11, 2012

Days 4 and 5- 31 days of GF Living

:) Yup, another two in one post y'all!  Attempting to catch up is ROUGH!

Tip one for today is one I use in baking.  Get ready y'all...this secret is how my GF products at Evey's Creations are moist and not crumbly!  (Well one of my secrets anyway...can't really give you all of them!) It's Gluten-free vanilla instant pudding.  Yup.  That is it! :) It helps the overall consistency of the cake!

Tip two for today is another one I use a lot.  Switch out 1/3 of the liquid (whether milk, water or juice) with Greek yogurt!  You now how an even more moist cake as well as some added protein!

I leave you with some recipes!

GF Pizza Muffins

GF Whoopie Pies





  1. I will have to try these tips...never heard either before. But I am still challenged to break away from the box cake. :) Little by little, right? THANKS!

    1. :) HI! Sorry for the delay in responding...Sandy came and knocked out power and internet between the two of us! So glad to have you here! It takes time to get accustomed to the GF life, but these tips work and make it a bit easier! :)



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