Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day ONE- 31 Days

Would you consider me a cheater if I started of my awesome 31 day challenge by reposting er, revisiting an old GF recipe that I feel never got its due attention!?  I mean, it was written FAR before all you awesome people started following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  I mean, there was hardly anyone on Pinterest pinning away my baby blog back then! (You all like how I snuck ALL my social media links up in there right!?  I like it, too.) 

So anyway, BACK to the task at hand...

I have decided to share for DAY 1 (seeing how I'm three days behind now as it is midnight here on the East coast) my ancient post (ok, my blog is only a year old so maybe not ANCIENT) the recipe I shared to honor my sweet Abuelita Maria:

Her awesome recipe for GLUTEN FREE ROPA VIEJA!  Oh yeah, I threw my Spanish in there! :) Just click on the picture for the recipe and post!



1 comment:

  1. :) Thank you! Hope you will try it! and sure! heading over to your blog right now!



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