Thursday, August 9, 2012

New, exciting plans!

Hey y'all!

I'm sure you have noticed some differences around here by now! ;) Perhaps you noticed our new banner...or the updated "About US" tabs?  Yes! There are now TWO of us! 

I'm extremely excited and VERY pleased to announce that my wonderful friend and foodie-biz-partner (in crime as we jokingly say) Erika from E's Delights will be joining me here as co-author! :)  She is an INCREDIBLE cook but more importantly, an amazing mother, wife (to a VERY TALL guy) and friend (to ME!).  Look forward to some excited different series specifically geared for moms on the go! 

You can find out more about her incredible business over at her website:  She specializes in making meals for busy moms, but just recently launched an exciting Menu-planning and recipe-sharing venture!  

Please join me in saying "Hello!" to our new blog contributor and please, leave her some messages to make her smile the next time she logs on here!    I'll leave you with my personal favorite item from her menu...her AMAZING rosemary bread!

Oh! Also, head on over to my Facebook Page to check out my current giveaway challenge! ;)


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