Thursday, April 19, 2012

Star of the Week Bento

Soooooooo this post is long overdue, since this happened MONTHS ago! However, Wunkie was "Star of the Week" recently months ago, so of course, this meant a "Star" themed Bento!  She could not stop smiling the morning of the first day!  She kept saying "Mommy!  I'm 'Star of the Week! I'm 'Star of the Week'!!".  To be a bit unique,  I made her a "Wordle" to describe her and what she was into at that time.  She, of course, could not stop talking about her amazing birthday party, so we added some tea-party inspired words in there as well!

Of course, her day would not have been complete without a special star-themed BENTO! :) Even the apple was cut to show a star!  Easy trick: take a metal mini cookie cutter to the wax of a Baby-bel cheese round...makes a cute impression! :)

Needless to say, she was one happy Wunkie! :)


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