Wednesday, February 8, 2012

25 Evey Things

Hello! I decided to participate in a "25 things" link up list! Sooooo here are 25 things (random ones in no particular order) about me!

  1.  My middle name is Carolina, which I prefer to Evelin.
  2. I care waaayyy too much about what people think about me, even though I act like I don't.
  3. Of my three kids, I can relate to Andre the most.  Yes. He's the Aspie silly one. :)
  4. Of my three kids, I think Wunkie is the cutest and funniest.
  5. Of my three kids, I think Chris will get the furthest in life. Why? Because he shares a room with Andre. THAT takes patience, self control, AND strategy!
  6. I'm a Sports NUT!
  7. I coach kiddie basketball. It rocks!
  8. I can't draw for my LIFE!
  9. Malls give me anxiety.
  10. So does bacteria. 
  11. I LOVE and I mean LOVE watching medical shows with extremely graphic bloody scenes, where NO ONE knows what is actually WRONG with the patient.
  12. I have way too many diseases and how they present memorized.
  13. More than anything else, I know I was meant to be a Nurse.
  14. Even though I'm a baker, I HATE sweets.
  15. I actually really hate chocolate, too.Well, unless it's bitter and extremely dark.
  16. I've known my hubby since I was 12yrs old.  
  17. I'm a crazy bird lady. If Gabe would let me, I'd rescue/foster every parrot out there that needed a home.
  18. I'm cluttery, but like EXTREMELY cluttery.  So is my mind.
  19. Even though I can memorize facts, and silly trivia, I have the WORST short term memory.
  20. If it were possible, I'd have more kids. Like tons of them.
  21. I'm chronically late. ALL the time.  Like my friends will send me invitations to parties with a false time an hour earlier so I might actually make it on time. yeah...
  22. I spend way too much time on FB and Pinterest.  
  23. My husband makes up silly songs about me all the time.  I love it.
  24. I celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday as if he were still alive and maybe related to me.  
  25. I have a ridiculously large collection of mason jars, both vintage and not.  If I see one, I HAVE to have it!

:) Well, I could have kept going, but 25 is more than enough Evey thoughts for most people to handle! ;)

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  1. well nice to meet you! I AM a nurse.... maybe you can go back to school and study all those bacteria!!
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