Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bentos and first day of school

Wellllll, it's official: I have no more babies! My Wunkie just went off to her first day of Kindergarten! AH! =/ Here she is with her doll, dressed and ready to go! I just can't believe it! Where did time go?!  Alas, it's just me, the birds, and the dog, well, dogs since I'm puppy sitting Duke's brother, Max!  That's not as fun as it sounds. I promise.  ONE German Shepherd puppy is hard work....two GSD puppies, well I'm really trying to just not go crazy!  Anywho, back to Bentos and the first day of school.  Here are the kids' Bentos for today!

Wunkie's Bento was made up of PB&J "sushi", with apple slices, and julienne carrots, with a Swiss cheese A.  Andre's Bento was chicken salad "sushi" also with the same sides, and a stegosaurus cutout since he's so fascinated with dinosaurs!  Chris' bento featured a chicken salad sandwich with the same sides and a football cutout since he's my favorite Safety Guard! ;)  I got a collective "WOW!" when they saw their lunches this morning, so I am happy to report they were pleased!  Hope everyone has a wonderful day!  I will be waiting anxiously until it's time to collect my favorite companions! :)


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  1. BENTOS! my fave.
    looks like y'all have a ton of fun packing those lunches!

    evelin! thanks for reading my blog-thrilled to "meet" you. your comment came right when i needed a hug. THANK YOU for taking the time to bless me. god is so good!!

  2. :) awww Thank YOU, Hannah for following me and visiting my baby blog. God is good indeed! :)


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