Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour: My favorite Project

Hello all!

In case you haven't been following along, all week long we have been highlighting 24 bloggers who weren't so lucky as to be able to attend the awesome Haven Blog Conference last week.  We decided to throw ourselves a party here at home instead! Today is MY turn! It's also the turn of the other fabulous four bloggers listed below! Make sure you check out each and every one of them! 

Thursday, Aug. 8:

Now onto my favorite projects!
My most-pinned-to-date-post is my Minnie Mouse Cake Topper Tutorial that was part of "Minnie Week", for my daughter's Minnie Mouse Party. You can view that post as well as all the other party posts and details here.

My Nautical String Art tutorial is my personal favorite, as well as the number two viewed post on my blog! My boys love it even more than I do!  It was a part of my boys' room redo (which I'm still working on) along with all of these posts.

Another favorite of mine would have to be my son's Chalkboard Top Desk redo.  I found this sweet vintage piece curbside and decided it would be perfect for my Aspieboy.  He LOVES it and draws on it daily.

Last, but certainly not least, is my daughter's Vanity redo.  I know for a FACT that she is my child because for her 5th birthday, instead of asking for a toy, she asked for a vintage vanity for her room!  The piece was a steal at $75 and the paint was free.  Better yet, she can enjoy this gift for years to come!  Isn't it LOVELY?!

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  1. Awwww all so cute - love the Mickey Mouse cake and your string sailboat is AMAZING!!! the chalkboard painted desk is adorable and I want that vanity!!!!!

    Love ya Evey!!


  2. Your little girl stole my heart with her request. I helped my D-I-L decorate my grand-daughter's room in vintage. Boo loves it and calls it her Princess Room.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Lynn! Yes, my sweet girl is a girl after my own heart! ;) I think all little girls should have a vintage-inspired room!

  3. Wow - what fabulous diverse and creative projects! Just love that your 5 year old wanted a vintage furniture piece- too funny! The string art is so perfect for a boys room! - I'm visiting from the tour and am following!

    1. Aw thank you so much Christina! Yes, my daughter is trip! ;) Thank you for following along! Off to visit YOU!

  4. I love all of your projects! That string art is so cool, and I love the chalkboard desk and your daughter's vanity. there is so much inspiration in this post. You made me want to go paint something. That cake is adorable. laurie

  5. ADORABLE Sail Boat Art!!!! :)
    My daughter loves your name, she is Evelynn and goes by Evie. :)

  6. Happy I found your website on the tour. Great ideas you both have.

  7. How sweet that your daughter wanted a vintage vanity for her room (at age 5!!) It must be awesome that she shares your passion for vintage. I love your Mini Mouse cake,too and that must have been a blast to make for her. Of course your chalkboard desk top is just as cool and perfect for boys - they love to scribble, don't they?:) Great projects, Evey! So glad to be doing a blog tour with you. ~ Amy

  8. I love all of your creations, Evey, but that cake has my heart! So happy to be touring with you ~ big hugs, Mary Beth

  9. Darling cake & all so well done!
    :) Kelly

  10. Your projects are as lovely as you are sweet Evey. Love that Minnie Mouse cake!! Happy to be touring with you.


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