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Merry Christmas, my personal miracle and an update

Hi Y'all, it's been awhile.  My last post was pretty personal as well.  If you don't like personal posts, you might want to move it along to another blog for this one. (smile)

This was me last Christmas, well I think Dec. 1st, World AIDS Day as I'm wearing my AWESOME "Inspi(RED)" shirt:

I was about to go through a round of chemo,  a complete hysterectomy, med rejection, steroid hell and excruciating rehab. I knew some of this, but was smiling anyway, because that's how I DO! ;) 

I decorated my house with the help of my awesome mom, as I was too weak to do it myself, and even blogged about it! 

My Faux-Mantel


It was an awesome Christmas albeit difficult one.  NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING prepared me for this year.  I spoke about the complete adrenal failure in the Thanksgiving post, along with the autonomic dysfunction that came with the Addison's.  I've spoken in the past about my Rheumatoid Arthritis and about my consequential diagnosis of COPD due to immunosuppression. It's chronic bronchitis and pneumonia.  People get colds, I get bronchitis and pneumonia, it's fun! ;) 

This was a whole other ball game.  The seizures, the passing out cold every time I was upright, the pulmonary arrests, the CARDIAC poor husband had to drag me off the bed and give me CPR when after seizing for a minute and a half I coded yet again.  He gave me CPR and brought me back.  So back to the hospital I went after being happily discharged for Thanksgiving day.  

Herein lies my miracle.  When I went into the hospital, my cortisol level was .6 or NON existent.  My adrenals are completely dead.  The doctors told me usually no one will even accept synthetic cortisol at that point and that the renals will shortly fail afterwards.  Today, after drips, shots, hydrocortisone pills, and TONS of prayer, my cortisol level is 15, that of a teen BUT I WILL TAKE IT! Had I had a car accident, gotten pneumonia, fallen down stairs or anything of the sort while my cortisol level was .6, I would not be here y'all.  I would be with the Lord.  I can't even imagine my babies growing up with no Mommy, they all need me for separate reasons.  The Aspies for obvious ones and the oldest tells me I have his heart. 

Back to the of the side effects of all the hormones and steroids I'm being pumped with is the loss of potassium.  I was on a drip in the hospital and I'm on pills now, and you can TRUST that my mom (who is reading this going "CLARO QUE SI!") or "of course" in Spanish, is FORCE feeding me bananas, avocados, and anything and everything that has potassium in it. Unfortunately my body wasn't absorbing it.  Combine that with how low my electrolytes were and my legs were essentially becoming paralyzed.  You know that thing docs do where they take their pens to your feet and graze them and go "can you feel that?"?! Well, 7 times out of 10 I could not and it was FREAKING ME OUT.  I was wheelchair bound.  I would cry and say, "this can't be my life"!

Funny thing though, I WAS ALIVE. I AM ALIVE. On December 23rd, I let go of my son who was helping me find clothes and stood alone, without his help.  He screamed both out of fear and joy and quickly re-grabbed me. Christmas Eve, I took a few steps and took THIS picture:


Pardon the bad lighting and bad quality cell pic BUT I was so excited I had to share! Oh and if you don't follow my instagram the hair gone might be a shock...I was losing so much of it from the chemo and meds that I chopped it off! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

As promised, here are some last minute printable tags if you need them or you can save them for next year! They are jpg.s so so save them and size them as you wish!

P.S. LOVING the song I posted below. It's on repeat since last year! :)


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  1. Merry Christmas, my dear sweet Evey! I thank God daily, for the miracle He has wrought in your life and for brining us together as friends. I know we have never met in real life but am so thankful we are sisters in Christ. I rejoice with you today as you've been given more time with Gabe, your sweet babies, and the rest of your family!! Please know that I am praying for you because we both know it is a long road ahead of you... but the Lord will continue to give you His strength. Love you sweet girl! Merry Christmas!!

  2. So glad you are doing better! Merry CHristmas, a true blessing

  3. Sweet girl, I don't know why you and your family have had to endure all of this, but I honestly believe in my heart that you will come through and be totally healthy--this is not the way we usually expect a miracle to happen (in a series of teeny tiny miracles), but it's a miracle nonetheless! I wish you happiness, health, and lots of love in this New Year. Thank you for sharing your journey with grace and humor--Only good things for you and your beautiful family. You have a place in my heart and I will continue to pray for you every day. Love you Evey--Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Karen

  4. Evey,
    Though I've never met you in "real life" I've been following your incredibly trying journey through blogging friends and I just have to let you know...I am amazed and inspired by you!
    I've talked about your illness and strength and incredible perseverance with my husband and daughters on more than one occasion. And I want you to know you're in our thoughts and prayers more than you know, sweet Evey.

    Sending Christmas blessings to you and your family! And wishing you a happy and Healthy 2014.

  5. Evey you have had such a tough road to travel and still you remain positive. You are an inspiration to others. May 2014 be a better year for you and your beautiful family.

  6. Merry Christmas, Evey. So glad prayers are being answered!

  7. Way to fight and be strong! You are a miracle and many prayers to you and your family!

  8. My dear, sweet Evey, you are wonderful, amazing and strong. Even when you're sick, you're making others smile. So grateful you are getting better. xo

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  11. I am so happy to see a post from you ~ I hope you know how wonderful I think you are and how very much I care about you and your family. God is good and I will continue to keep you in my prayers. p.s. You are a knockout with any hairstyle! hugs, mb


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