Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vintage Ice Cream Social Photoshoot

For ONCE I am going to let the photography do the talking, but only because it's not my own. Warning, this post is picture-heavy, and rightfully so. 

Over the summer, I teamed up with my awesome friend Aneta of Yellow Lollipop Photography again, and I have to say, the results were pretty spectacular! This was mainly due to the fact that all the kids in this super sweet photoshoot were ADORABLE, there was an incredible vintage ice cream truck and ice cream man involved, but also because Aneta's photography skills are pretty darn incredible. See for yourself:

As far as my contribution, I styled the shoot, set up the props, and did all the baking for it, as well as the printables and most of the artwork.

Doesn't that "ice cream" look so realistic? I'll let you in on a was completely edible and NOT made with fondant.  I'll post the recipe for it later on this week, so stay tuned.

That sweet truck belonged to the awesome ice cream man in the pics. There was REAL ice cream in the truck, too! The kids loved eating ice cream while having pictures taken. I'm pretty sure they wish ALL photoshoots were this fun!

They got to choose their very own ice cream which provided us with this sweet shot.

Just look at that smile! I agree, buddy, this photoshoot ROCKS!

This cutie brought his own ice cream man hat and completed the look with a bowtie! His sisters were beauties!

All hands on deck, buddy! That sandwich was devoured quite quickly!

Life is short, eat dessert FIRST! Also, smile. A LOT, like this cutie.

This little one is just so handsome, right!?

An ice cream party isn't an ice cream party without some sprinkles!

Nothing sweeter than this!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Please check out Yellow Lollipop Photography on Facebook and while you're at it, check out my page, Evey's Creations, as well.  There are more photos from this shoot up at both pages. The vintage truck and awesome ice cream man was provided by Delicious Ice Cream.


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*****Disclaimer: All photography used with permission by the photographer and with consent of all the children's parents*****


  1. Love it! The pictures really do speak for themselves and are amazing!

  2. Oh how BEAUTIFUL! I love the whole set up. It looks like an absolutely lovely day. The kids are all stunning and the ice cream man? Hubba Hubba!

  3. All of this is so adorable. The kiddos are so cute. You did an amazing job with all the goodies and decorations.


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