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DLee's World Book Set Giveaway and coupon code!!

Hi, y'all! I have to first of all disclose that this is NOT a sponsored post as some of my posts are.* This is a pleasure to write about and share with you as it's a post about an amazing up and coming author that I WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL WITH! :)  Also, she has been generous enough to give away some books AND a coupon code JUST for my readers! (Thank you, Diana!)

Diana Lee Santamaria is an incredible person, but also she's an amazing author!  If you are the parents of kids at the early childhood development stage, or teach kids at that stage, you MUST check her books out! The stories are so fantastic and your kids will LOVE them!

Here is a short bio on her!

"Diana Lee Santamaria has been an early childhood educator for six years. She has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies. Diana’s preschool learning books entitled, DLee’s Color Hunt, DLee’s Outdoor Countdown, and DLee's First Day of School are her first three educational books in her series. As an educator, Diana Lee wanted to create books that were authentic to her students, while enhancing their overall developmental abilities. Thus, she has incorporated diversity into every character within her books. As a woman of Hispanic decent, Diana Lee understands that children need to see characters that are representative of themselves. Resultantly, she created the character DLee based on her own physical appearance as a child and “DLee’s World” based on a compilation of her own childhood and experiences as a teacher. Diana Lee's books encompass her creativity and quirkiness, while still maintaining relevance to her preschool readers, ages three to five. Her scholastic series aims to answer the educational questions and challenges that her readers face throughout the beginning stages of their lives.

"As a child who struggled with reading, I understand the importance of literacy and making it fun for children, so I work on bringing all these elements into DLee's World."

As of 2014, Diana has written fifteen “DLee” stories. Her overall goals for the books are to keep her readers engaged and wanting to read more, while expanding their learning."

Guess what?! She is giving, not one, but TWO lucky readers a set of THREE of her amazing books! 

You can view short summaries on the books here

Please enter via the rafflecopter widget below, and GOOD LUCK! I know you will love her book as much as we did here at our household!

For those who wish to purchase the books, you may do so here, here, and here!  For the next 4 days, she is offering my readers a special discount ! Enter the coupon code GVRS3YVT at checkout and receive a 15% off discount on any of her awesome, and already reasonably priced, books!  (Again, THANK YOU, DIANA!)

Her books are also available via Amazon in Kindle format, however the coupon code does not apply there.*

Good luck! Giveaway ends midnight on Tuesday. I will announce winners Tuesday at noon! :)

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