Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rehash that Trash: Reveal 2- Nautical inspired dresser

Hi y'all! :)

I realize I'm a day late and a dolla' short (what else is new?), BUT here is my 2nd reveal for our awesome "Rehash that Trash: Blogger Showdown"!!  Also,r I realize the pictures are AWFUL and dark, but it's super dark, dreary, and rainy here on my little mountain today.  Perhaps when the sun decides to visit my neck of the woods again, I will rephotograph this piece!

As per our "Trash List", this was supposed to be a storage piece! If you follow along here, you might know that I have been working on the boys' room for a few months now.  I decided to keep with the theme and add some sweet sailor's knots to the dresser as pulls!

If I hadn't been so dang sick last week, I might have finished my piece on time.  Alas...it's a good thing De was having some issues as well! ;)  Here's the full shot:

Yes, there is something clearly shoved underneath it.  I'm just keepin' it real, y'all!

Pardon the flash, but again, it was super dark!  I wanted to show you what is right above the dresser, some sweet $5 sailor's knots artwork I scored at a garage sale last summer.

Back to the dresser.
The color of the dresser was "oops paint" (giggle) and that meant it was on sale for $3!  I mixed in 5 drops of Navy Blue from the DecoArt Americana line for the drawers, to make it two-toned.  As usual, I mixed my own "Chalky-finish" to it.  I don't dare say the other word as there is currently a very big ongoing trademark issue with a particular brand.  If you want to know how I mix my paint, you can check out my tutorial that I won't even link at the moment. ;)  Just search it.  It's here.

Well, who won, De or me!? What do you think of HER post? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Love the rope handles! She won the last round, but you win this one! I love that you two are doing this. :)

  2. The rope handles...super creative. Looks great Evey!

  3. I love it but I really do think it would be fantastic with your original stencil idea incorporated. I think you need to do a Part 2 on this post in the near future.... :)

  4. I have to admit I really like the rope handles... very nice. Linda

  5. I Love It.!! Very Nice.. Great Job.! I will love to see the whole Room.! ♥


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