Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY Nautical-Inspired Curtains

Hi y'all!  Though I'm recovering from surgery, I have begun the process of redoing the boys' room!  Yesterday, I shared some artwork with you.  Today, I am sharing my Nautical-inspired curtains.

My grandma in law who has been taking care of the kids and house while I recover from surgery recently went to town on my linen closet and organized it for me.  (Somewhere on the other side of town E is shaking her head, imagining the disaster that my linen closet was until Grandma got up in there!) Whatever, E, whatever. ::insert pancake emoticon here::

Anyways, upon cleaning out my closet (just heard Eminem in my head...anyone else?), she found a long lost set of Ikea plain linen curtains that I forgot existed!  I had purchased them for $4 over 5 years ago with plans to cut them up and use the fabric for anything and everything EXCEPT as curtains. When she pulled them out, I knew immediately that I would paint them with a red strip and some blue lettering.

Materials Needed:

- Plain white linen curtains (or you can make some out of drop cloth)
-So Soft DecoArt paint in Santa Red and Primary Blue
- 4 inch foam paint roller and a flat paint brush
-Paint tray
-Newspaper to place under the curtain to protect the surface you are painting on. (I point this out to be helpful, not because I forgot to do it, or something, then spent a lot of time trying to get the paint off my dinner table.  No, just because I'm nice.)

Protect your surface, then tape down fabric to avoid any movement, then using the roller, make a long red line across the curtain.  I free-handed the lettering but you can use a stencil if you feel the need to. Whatever you do, though, DON'T MISSPELL YOUR OWN CHILD'S NAME! Yes, I did that, too. I fixed it, but still. Sigh.  Today was just not my day!

Here they are up! I'm very excited to see some progress in that room.

Enjoy your day!

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