Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Natalie from "NorthShore Days" visits!- Beachy Tins Tutorial

Hi y'all! Today, I'm happy to introduce you to a wonderfully sweet friend of mine named Natalie!  She has a heart of gold and makes LOVELY jewelry!  Please make sure you follow her blog and check out her store!
Hey Everyone,
I'm Natalie and I blog over at NorthShore Days where I share tutorials, crafts and DIY.  I love white and everything beachy, and I’m so lucky to live very close to the beach on the beautiful North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m really happy to be here at Sweet Song Bird for Evey while she is recovering.

Today I want to share a really quick little project with you. If you know me - you know I love tin cans, seriously, there are so many things you can do with them!
This project was inspired by some distressed tin cans by Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage. Its such a simple project. I painted clean tins and when dry I sanded them gently  so some tin showed through. Then I embellished them with what I had on hand in my craft drawer. I wrapped twine around the tin and securely. Then added some cute beachy charms that I threaded onto clear nylon thread and wound over the twine.   

Ta-daaa - how cute are they? 

 Sitting on my window sill, they brighten up the kitchen with their happy colours.

I love the colours of these petals, they complement the blue so beautifully....

Thank you so much for having me Evey,

Take care



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