Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 11- 31 Days of Gluten Free Living's day 11,though I realize we are far behind! -_- You try having your own business, three kids, and a million things to do! Oh wait...there are bloggers that do it everyday?! I fail! You still love me, RIGHT!? :) Good! I still love YOU! :)

Tip for today: When unsure whether or not something is actually Gluten-free...HOUND THE COMPANY! :) Or just lurk on their boards! Chances are, someone else has already been hounding them too! is a Gluten-Free Tutorial for ya!
I won't try to pretend I'm good at making cake pops.  I'm working on it!  Give me a cake order, a cookie order, even pie pop order, they will be pretty.  Cake Pops....well it's a work in process!  I've gotten good at some thanks to Ms. Pop-A-Razzi!

What I DO know, is Gluten Free yellow cake! ;)

I can't actually give you my GF yellow cake recipe...that's Evey's Creations proprietary. I CAN however point you in the direction of one of my FAVORITE GF cook books, and to be honest, I'm not a fan of cook books or recipes.  Ask Erika, I'm pretty sure it bugs the heck out of her! ;)  The Cake Mix Doctor is A-ok in my Gluten Free book!  You can find several AWESOME preservative-free GF cake mixes to use with these awesome recipes.  Though I always end up cutting the sugar suggestions, and using Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream, I generally follow some of her recipes.  Her Yellow Cake birthday cake is no exception.  So check out her book, since I can't share her recipe or I could get sued...which would suck. ;)

For these pops, I used Wilton's Brownie Pop Pan. I know, die hard poppers, I'm sorry. I didn't make real deal cake pops formed by hand with frosting! I'll be doing the real deal soon, I PROMISE!

I melted some organic white chocolate, then dipped the stick first, poking into the bottom of the pop.  After that I dipped the whole pop, shaking off the excess.  I'll let the pros demonstrate the proper technique. Enter Ms. Kim of KC Bakes! There are VIDEOS Y'ALL! Videos!

After I had done that, I simply piped on the eyes and mouth with some Wilton Sparkle Gel. THAT WAS IT! ;)

So cute, right!?




  1. Thank you so much for making our Adoption Presentations so very Sweet!

    1. Hi Susan!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed them!



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