Monday, September 10, 2012

Blog it Forward!


Have you ever had a Blogger who has made a difference in your bloggy life?  I have.  I've been lucky enough to have SEVERAL.  I've spoken about them on many occasions; and today, I'd like to allow you all to do the same!

I'm happy to be partnering up with one of my very own bloggy heroes, and sweet friend, Ms. Cheri, from It's So Very Cheri and sharing this awesome Blog Hop with you all!  Here are the rules:

1.  There are no rules about how much LOVE to spread around! ;) But be sure to share with those you posted about so they know what you mean to them.

2. Please place this awesome button (created by Ms. Cheri) on your blog so that others can party too!

3. Share with us a post about one or more bloggers that have touched your lives in some way! -- POST -- Add the permalink for this post to your post. (click on the title of my post and then add the permalink to your html code.)
-- Link Up to our LINKY PARTY -- Add either your blog button or your picture into the picture area and the permalink to your post.

4. Encourage them to spread the Blog Love around!

5.  Bring a smile to your Bloggy Hero's face (Heroes' faces if there are more than one!).

Of course, I'm gonna share mine!

About a year ago, I stumbled upon a few blogs that would forever change the course of my life.  I know, I know, that sounds SOOOOO dramatic and cliche.  It's true, though, I PROMISE!  Today, I'm going to talk about three bloggers whom I respect, have the honor of calling my friends, and who make me smile and encourage me on a DAILY basis! (There are three more, but I will save those for the next post!)

I was minding my own business, going to Nursing school, living with a chronic illness, baking everyday, and reading blogs daily because I have always loved to bake, sew, and create! The first blog I followed was A Turtle's Life for me.  I say "followed" I really STALKED poor Natalie.  I would comment on EVERYTHING, not to get attention, but just because she was THAT good! :)  One day, she posted a picture of how her kitchen looked after baking and I said something about how that was my kitchen at that exact moment!  She asked me if I baked, and I said yes!  You know what she did next?  She FRIEND requested me Facebook JUST to see my cakes!  I am geeky, I know this!  So anyway, long story short, I began blogging because of HER encouragement to do so!  So thank you, Nat.  I know I've said it before, but you have no idea how encouraging you were at that moment!  By the way, Homegirl just opened a BAKERY!!! So CONGRATS sweet friend!  I know everyone will love you as much as I do!

Fast-forward to the Fall!  I posted this to Ms. Cheri's Linky party (the third blog I followed), and guess what?!  I got my first feature! She also friend-requested me, and right away we hit it off!  She asked me to join an awesome group on Facebook and gave me so many features, I could barely contain myself!  She always listens to me and has supportive answers whenever I'm in the midst of one of my HTML breakdowns, and she also supports me in prayer on a daily basis.  Even though I'm a "small fry" and she's "big time" as I like to say, she treats me as if I'm the most incredible blogger and person she's ever met. (Hilarious, right!?)  I know she has my back and I have hers! :)  I respect her talent greatly, but most of all, I just love her for who she is!  She's an amazingly sweet, kind and giving individual who just happens to ooze creativity!  I'm sticking close to this one, y'all, in hopes that some of it might rub off! She has truly given me opportunities I might not otherwise have had! (LOVE YOU LADY!) 

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is my sweet friend Carmella from Creative Carmella.  Words can simply NOT do her justice or even begin to describe how much this sweet lady means to me!  She has been a light that shines bright in my world!  She is selfless, please read this and this post but make sure you have tissues handy, because I promise you, there will be tears!  She is also extremely talented and even named a necklace in my honor!  Isn't that AWESOME?! :) I thought so!  I brag about her constantly because she is amazing. Her jewelry pieces are the only ones I wear, partly because they are incredible, and mostly because they mean the world to me since she MADE them for me! :)

Wearing Carmella's "Fly" Necklace

She always brings a smile to my face even when my world is crashing down on me!  So thank you Carmella! LOVE you!

So there you have it guys!  These gals all deserve for me to "Blog it Forward"!  Is there anyone (or more) in your bloggy world that you want to share about?  Has a "Bigger" blogger gone out of her way to help you out?  Or has a bloggy friend touched your life when you needed it most?  Please link up and share!  Also, this is a BLOG HOP y'all!  Please grab the code and share it with your followers!  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Oh, I just love you!! thank you so much for your sweet words! I am so happy that God chose for us to cross paths, I am so grateful!

    1. <3 LOVE you so much! I'm blessed beyond belief that God chose to lead us to each others' paths! <3


  2. Awww, Evey, how sweet are you?!!! Thank you SO much for the kind words! Honestly, I'm dead tired right now and you have no idea how much they mean to me! Thank you, thank you!!


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