Friday, October 21, 2016

Swap It like it's hot take 6!

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Hey y'all! SO excited to announce that it's my turn to #swapitlikeitshot! :)

All this week, we got to see how my bloggy friends swapped some thrift store goodies and turned them into amazing home decor items! I just love how talented my friends are!

To see where it all kicked off, and to follow the whole round robin set of posts from the beginning, make sure you check out Charlotte's blog Ciburbanity!

I sent my bloggy bestie, Lynn of Fern Avenue, the following items so make sure you check out what she turned them into!

Thea of That Sweet Tea Life, sent me these items!

Here's what I did with them!

The tray I left alone. Here's why: I. LOVE. SILVER. TRAYS! :) I actually collect them and have about 20 of them. Yes. I hoard silver trays. I use them, though!

The potpourri (which by the way, made me sneeze the ENTIRE time I handled it, so thanks, Thea!) I used two ways. I put it into apothecary jars for some pretty fall decor. For the large jar, I used my brand new Cricut Explore Air 2, and some Cricut copper adhesive foil and cut the words "Happy Fall" then used some Cricut transfer tape to put them onto the jar.

Here's a close up of the lettering. Isn't that font so pretty!?

I think the font is called "Hello Casual". I downloaded it onto my laptop and it comes right up in Cricut Design Space for me!

I also used the potpourri to make a fall wreath, which quite frankly I don't like AT ALL. Hey, even we bloggers have craft fails. I just choose to share them with you because let's be honest...everyone loves to laugh at a good craft fail. :) So here you, for your entertainment pleasure.

Sigh. You're welcomed. It was worse, actually. For some reason I decided to put a stick in between the two apples. Think about what that looked like for a second. HA! It was "Nailed it!" moment, for sure!

Here's what I did to the cups!

I used some Unicorn SPiT in their brand new 'Sparkling Stain" line to jazz them up so they match my daughter's room. I figured she can use them to store her large brushes. She's a little artist just like her Momma! Maybe I'll add some lettering to them. I used the 'stain press' method then sealed them with some spray lacquer. Obviously, after using the spray lacquer on them, they're no longer food safe. They're super cute, though!

I think these are my absolute favorites! HAPPY FALL, Y'ALL!

Make sure you check out all the amazing Swap it like it's hot projects below! These bloggers really came up with GORGEOUS 'afters'!






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  1. Ahhhccchhhhuuuuu... It does that to me as well :) Love the Happy Fall & the glasses are adorable!

  2. Great transformations of your swap items. I never in a million years would have thought to make a wreath out of the potpourri. So creative.

  3. Nice work, Evey! Using the potpourri for fall decor is so smart (even if it makes you sneeze!), and I love how the glass for your daughter's art supplies turned out!

  4. I love what you did with your swap goodies!! Oh, and potpourri makes me sneeze, too! I'm hatin' it for ya!! xoxo


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