Friday, April 8, 2016

Swap it like it's hot take 5- Thrifted finds into treasures

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Hey y'all! It's that time again! ::Cue Pharrell beat:: Time to Swap it Like it's HOT!

If you are new around these parts, allow me to explain the awesomeness that IS #swapitlikeitshot...

My awesome bloggy friends and I get together every so often, we send each other random thrifted items (hence the 'swap' part of the name) which we then each flip and share out here on our corner of the blogosphere! It's SO much fun, and most of all, since we never know what we are going to get it's always creatively challenging!

My friend Jess of Domicile 37 sent me some crazy items, y'all. I must admit, I didn't know what to think of them at first! If you haven't checked her out yet, make sure you do. She's SUPER talented, especially when it comes to flipping furniture. (In fact, she won our FFFC one month!)

Here's what she sent me:

With a little paint and some love, it became this:

Though I only staged one of the frames, they are both the same color, and with a gorgeous 5x7 print from Minted, I was able to turn those once sad and dreary frames into a cool way to display some chic artwork.

Isn't the color just amazing!? It's called "Polar Blue" by Pure and Original.

The basket got the same treatment, as it was gold and did not match anything in my house! It now holds my linen napkins when guests are over. I think it will hold some giant pine cones in the Fall, and some mercury ornaments come Christmas-time. For now the white and yellow napkins play off the artwork well.

What do you think? In case you were wondering, that table had some equally humble beginnings. More on that later, though!

For now, you should go see what Sarah of "While They Snooze" did with the goodies I sent HER!

Here's a sneak peek:

Make sure to check out all the other incredible bloggers 'swappin' it like it's hot' below. Hopefully you will be inspired to get to 'swappin' with YOUR friends! Thanks to my girl Charlotte of Ciburbanity for putting together yet another awesome round of #swapitwhileitshot!

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  1. See, it was not so bad. I did not even recognize the basket at first glance. I love that shade of blue and the print in the frame is pretty.

    1. haha! Thank you! It was such a blast to flip them! xoxo

  2. Such a cute little vignette! Love that table!

    1. Thanks Bre!! <3 It's the new favorite piece in my house!

  3. it's amazing what a little paint can do! i love the bird pic!

  4. That's one cute vignette Evey! The basket has a great new color. :)

  5. That blue color is so soft and delicate! It gives a totally different feel to the basket and frames. Beautiful!

  6. Love your swap transformation. The power of spray paint never fails.

  7. They go perfect with your Table! Gorgeous color. It looks like it was a planned marriage:)

  8. Thanks for joining in all the fun, girl! So many great ideas flying around today! Loved the placemats you sent to Sarah. :)

  9. I love that bird print! It looks great with that color frame.


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