Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Favorites and the WINNER! ~ November FFFC

Hey y'all!

Another amazing Fab Flippin' month has passed and I'm SO excited to share my favorites as well as THE WINNER!

Thank you to Minted for sponsoring our "Take a Seat" November contest! I know our participants are all madly in love with their finished projects and the amazing fabric selection!

You can check out all of the links on our amazing featured hosts' sites Here and Here! Those inspiration projects were all sorts of amazing! :)

Now to share my FAVORITES for this month! This was sort of hard since there were so many incredible choices!

Here are my favorite projects! (Not in any order)

via Somewhat Quirky Design

This amazing settee by Somewhat Quirky Design just blew me away. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THAT PLEATED SKIRT! If you have never sewn one before, let me tell you, they are DIFFICULT to do. Karen executed the WHOLE project just so dang beautifully! Go check out the Before and After, you won't be sorry!

via D.D.'s Cottage and Design
This incredible chair by D.D.'s Cottage and Design truly proved that you sometimes, the natural way is the way to go. The lovely natural tung oiled wood with the bright and cheery fabric is all this chair needed to give it the update it needed. So pretty!

via Handmade with Ashley

Y'all know how I feel about a good build..this sweet bench is no exception. Ashley from Handmade with Ashley continues to know these builds out of the ballpark! I'm ALL about the bright colors, too! So sweet, right?!

via Vintage Rust
Deconstruction and modification are other favorites of mine. This awesome piece had an incredible transformation! She was also the entry with the most votes! Go check out it's humble beginnings over at Vintage Rust!

Which one is YOUR fave!?

I know what you really came here to see is WHO WON, though, right!?

Get ready because it's an amazing entry!

via Redo It Yourself Inspirations

ISN'T IT AMAZING!? Congrats to Robin of Redo It Yourself Inspirations really did an incredible job with this gorgeous wingback! It's just so crisp, clean and LOVELY! The fabric selection really was perfect, too. Check out that piping, too! Seriously, incredible job, Robin! CONGRATS! You are November's month! Make sure you check out her blog, all her work is equally impressive!

Once again, thank you to Minted for sponsoring November's contest. Make sure you check out their site for everything from custom printed fabric to incredible artwork and custom photo artwork, as well! I truly LOVE Minted and I know you will too!

Our lucky winner gets a $300 gift certificate to Minted's Home Decor or the Art Marketplace.

Congratulations again, Robin!

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