Friday, October 9, 2015

Swap it like it's hot: Thrift Store Fun!

Hey y'all! IT'S MY TURN! WOOHOO! I've been sharing all of the amazing bloggers' post each day, and today I get to share mine!

Here's a sneak peek...

We'll go back to my project in a minute, but first, in case you are just tuning in....

40 bloggers got together to have some thrift store fun! We all got set up with a person, then went out to the thrift shop ::cue Macklemore:: to buy something for our partner to create something NEW with! We shipped it to them and we received a lil' something as well in order to #swapitlikeitshot and let me tell you, it's been a blast!

Be sure you stop at everyone's blog today so you can see who sent who what and so on! ;) It's FUN, I promise!

I received some goodies from Katie of Addicted to DIY.  You can go see what she got and what she did, HERE. 

Here's what she sent me! P.S. I almost forgot to take a before since I was so excited! :)

I decided that I would turn them into some jewelry organizers for my daughter's (aka Wunkie) purple and teal bedroom!

I got to try some cool paint for the lazy susan one...I'll explain more about that in a separate post! I simply gave it a couple coats of paint and waxed it to finish it off. Now Wunkie has a place to hang her necklaces without getting them all tangled up.

For the second one, I used some glossy paint, and some Unicorn Spit Stain/Glaze on the glass insert to make it a bit funky. Inside there are hooks and she can hang her bracelets in it.

Wunkie loves her new organizers! Please pardon the pics, my camera decided to not function this week, so I had to take these on my cell! It's like a blogger's worst nightmare, trust me.

Anyway, I sent some items over to Karen of Dragonfly and Lilypads! I cannot WAIT to see what she made with them! Hop over and see for yourself what I sent!

This was a BLAST!

Tune in all week to see the crazy items this talented group of bloggers has been making over! Search the hashtag #swapitlikeitshot on social media to follow along with all the fun or check out our Pinterest Board.

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  1. Nice makeover! My lens decided to give up on me and it was terrible! I totally feel the pain. I ended up using my super zoom standing a million miles away. Crazy!

  2. That's a great idea! My daughter needs some serious jewelry organization!

  3. These make perfect jewelry organizers!! And I love the bright teal color you used :D

  4. Such a lovely transformation!! That color is so pretty!

  5. Hi Evey! Love this little organization project. Jewelry is always a tricky one and this is a great solution! And I'm glad to see what that Unicorn Spit can do, I've heard about it but haven't tried it myself. Glad to be on the Swap with you :-)


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