Monday, August 3, 2015

"Icing on the cake": August FFFC- Buffet and Upcycled Hall Tree

**Though I was compensated in product and/or monetarily for this post, all ideas, thoughts and opinions are 100% mine!

Hi y'all! IT'S AUGUST! That means that it's time for a BRAND NEW FAB FURNITURE FLIPPIN' CONTEST! I'll tell you all about my Hall Tree in a minute. Right now, on to the important stuff...

This month's sponsor is:

 Yup. The amazing D. Lawless Hardware! You guys, I can't say enough about this company! It's a family owned and operated company that specializes in hardware, catches, casters, and even wood appliqu├ęs. Basically, if it's for furniture, they carry it. The best part, though, is the amazingly low prices as well as the wonderful customer service. It's my go-to-place for hardware, and it's also how I love to finish my pieces. Some spiffy hardware sure can be the "Icing on the Cake".

You guessed it, that is our theme for this month! ::smile::

In case you're just joining us and haven't the slightest idea what I'm blabbing on and on about, the Fab Flippin' Contest (FFFC) is a sponsored monthly contest for furniture flippin' bloggers, with a different theme every month! They compete for a grand prize by that month's sponsor and we all just have a blast! We have six fab hosts and guest judges every month, so it's fun but fair as well!

Our hosts are:

Stacy of Anastasia Vintage (Co-Creator)
Charlotte of Ciburbanity
Lynn of Fern Avenue
Carrie of Thirty Eighth Street
Michelle of Dandelion Patina
and ME! (Co-Creator)

This month, Michelle and I are the featured hosts, though Lynn also did an awesome inspiration piece! Make sure you head over to both their blogs to see their pieces. Michelle's Homework Room and cubby will wow you FOR SURE, and Lynn's sweet bench will definitely inspire you to get to flippin'.

Here's part one of my inspiration piece. I was supposed to work on Mr. China Cabinet and change out Ms. Buffet's hardware, but as some of you know, I had some health issues to deal with when I returned from Haven. All is ok, I promise, I just wasn't able to refinish that beast of a china cabinet in that condition. Stay tuned, though, because it WILL happen this month.

I decided to turn this free door my friend dropped off (there were three doors) into a Hall Tree and Chalkboard. If you notice, I added some hooks, which of course, can be found on D. Lawless Hardware's site, and even added a cup pull from them, which I installed upside down to hold the chalk. (Sidenote, I love that I have friends who randomly drop off things such as armoire doors they no longer need...)

I'll share more on this piece in a separate post, but that color is lovely, right?! The hooks will hold backpacks and coats, and the chalkboard will remind everyone of important events and dates. I just love a good repurpose, don't you!?

Here is another piece I did with some D. Lawless Hardware. It's one of my top posts to date, since of course, it's "Frozen-inspired". 

How will YOU put the 'Icing on the Cake'?! I can't WAIT to see the entries for this month! Thank you to D. Lawless for sponsoring, and good luck to all of the participants!

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  1. I love your door chalkboard, Evey! The hooks look fabulous... you've inspired me to find the right headboard and flip it to a chalkboard! Great color choice!

  2. This is really fun. The chalkboard is fabulous and that Frozen desk is super cute. I love the hardware you chose. It fits perfectly with your project. I can't wait to finish and share mine!

  3. Awesome chalkboard hall tree! It's not just functional, but looks beautiful. (I love the color too!)
    Your "Frozen" desk is so stinkin' sweet. The snowflakes are precious along with the color choices.

  4. Evey,
    You are sooo creative. I love your door upcycle.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie


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