Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vintage Tea Party Photoshoot

Over the summer I had the wonderful privilege of working with one of my awesome friends, Aneta of Yellow Lollipop Photography.  She is not only EXTREMELY talented at catching incredible moments, she also happens to be amazingly sweet! I got to see firsthand what being a photographer and working with kids is all about and I gotta tell you, I give her the utmost respect for it!  The kids were BEAUTIFUL and of course amazing, but some just didn't want to be photographed, though in these pictures you could never tell it! 

Here is the result of my styling, baking and her incredible photography and editing.  All printables were done by my other amazingly talented friend Jess of OhSoPrintable so check her out too! (All children were published with permission of their parents!)

I hope you enjoyed our Vintage Tea Party photoshoot as much as we enjoyed shooting/styling it!  Please check out Jess, Aneta and my page as well!  Below are the links once more!

Yellow Lollipop Photography
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  1. This is absolutely adorable!! I love this!

    1. Thank you so much! :) Stay tuned, I'll be posting our latest collaboration this week! It's an Ice Cream Social Photoshoot! <3


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