Thursday, January 30, 2014

Modern Masters Pt. 2 Metallic Matte Paints Review

Hi y'all!  Here she is!  If you recall, she was boring before!  But with some Modern Masters Metallics Matte Paints and a stencil, I made my desk shimmery and beautiful!

I used Modern Masters Matte Metallics Warm Silver to transform this desk.

First I set up my stencil with some painters tape and used a circular method with a stencil on the design.  I made sure to not have too much paint on the brush by "unloading" some of the paint onto a piece of paper towel I had next to me.  I did this until the entire top was stenciled.  Here is a video tutorial:

Then, I taped the stencil to the front of the drawer and did the sides of the handle.  I did the same part so they would match.  I also painted the handle with the Warm silver to draw out the color of the stencil even more.

To finish it off, I sealed it with Modern Masters'  Metallic Paint Master Clear protective coat which will not affect the shimmer of their Metallics line.  It will also not yellow over time.  I am thrilled with the outcome! Isn't she PRETTY!?
OH! I almost forgot! I also went ahead and lined the edges to maximize the shimmer factor!  What do you think?

I, personally, am in LOVE! Thank you Modern Masters for the AWESOME paint! Don't forget to enter the giveaway! It ends tonight at midnight!


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  1. Your table looks beautiful! Great stencilling job!

  2. So pretty! I love the stencil choice!

  3. LOVE your desk Evey! And if I had a desk as beautiful as this one you created, I'd probably be MUCH neater and avoid cluttering it up with my usual piles of stuff! LOL


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