Friday, June 21, 2013

Rehash that Trash: Reveal 3-Nautical inspired pillow and uphosltered chair redo

Hi y'all! It's the FINAL reveal!! I hope you have enjoyed this fun competition as much as I have! The final item on the trash list, a fabric project! Not just any fabric project, though, a repurposed fabric project.

This fabric started out as curtains which I found at the thrift shop for only $2.  I knew they were perfect fabric for any of my boys' room projects.

I found this chair (with its mate) curbside last year.  I knew it had good bones, but it needed some love!  I had to glue and clamp a few parts of it, as they were falling apart.  I, then, reupholstered the chair.  I won't bore you with a written tutorial, it's been done a million times.  I'll only tell you to make sure you line up the fabric right and center it, before taking your upholstery staple gun to it!  I added some extra batting to it to make it super plush. :)  My only question is whether or not to paint the chair.  I love the color and the vintage feel to it as is, though I might shellack it to give it a nice gleam.  I'm also tempted to stain it, though I especially love how beat up it is.  My boys like it as is, also.  What do y'all think?

So, who won the last round!? De or me!? Head on over to check her piece out, and make sure you leave a comment telling me I won! ;)

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  1. Very nice, Evey. Good work on the chair pad. Linda

    Come link this at What to do Weekends Party also.


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