Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nautical Dreams and some progress...

Alright, I'll admit it: I recently got chastised by my surgeon.  Why?  Apparently, E and hubby might have been right.  (sigh. Somewhere across town, E is jumping for joy and relishing the thought that I just said she was right on a public forum.)  I have to take it easy and stop trying to DIY myself into a tizzy or back in the hospital since my surgery isn't healing properly.

So I'm frustrated and STUCK.  I realized today that even though it's not moving as quickly as I have hoped prior to my surgery being done, we are making slow but steady progress in the boys' room!

We managed to make and install some custom curtains and window treatments.  I posted the tutorial and admitted to misspelling my own kid's name.  I also gave the boys a place for them to hang their artwork and good grades by upholstering two cork boards who had seen better days.

My Aspieboy tells me daily how much he loves his Nautical String Art.  He truly enjoyed being a part of the stringing process, and often stands in front of where it's hanging, and just stares in awe at it.  Makes me the happiest Momma ever.

 I can't seem to get a good picture of this awesome 3D artwork I scored for only $5 at a garage sale!!  So amazing, right!?

 It's such a neat piece of artwork!  My mom bought the below piece at our local Cracker Barrel!  Thank you Mom!

I've added some "Evey touches" here or there, as well.  Here's one of the many vintage mason jars in the room, filled with shells from our various family vacations.  It's a chic way to keep some memories scattered throughout the space in a subtle way.

Behold, the sea biscuit that started it all!  Writing all of this out is making me feel slightly better.  Hooray for progress!

Just in case you haven't seen my inspiration board, here it is.

Do y'all have any projects that seem to be taking forever?  Do share!

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