Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Captain Underpants: Lego game inventor

For those of you in the know, my oldest (aka Captain Underpants) has a sincere desire to become a Lego Master Builder. There really is such a job, just take a look at the life-size replica of Luke Skywalker's speeder that was just unveiled in Times Square.  Needless to say, I am definitely encouraging this as a job choice. He would basically get to be an engineer that plays for a living. Smart kid; at age 9 1/2 he has figured out how to play with toys and get paid to do it.
Recently, in the Captain's math class, the kids have been tasked with creating a board game. They have to come up with a game board, rules, playing pieces, etc. This has gotten the Captain all excited about games.  Of course, his project is highly detailed, but at home he keeps coming up with games, "just for fun, Mom" that he tries to entice us to play.
Today, while I was enjoying myself immensely by rearranging my boards on Pinterest, the Captain asked me if I had come up with any cool ideas that I could put on Pinterest myself.  When I mentioned that my main involvement with Pinterest has basically involved finding other people's cool ideas and then making them myself, the Captain shook his head and announced that he would come up with something that I could pin.  Clearly the child wants me to make a contribution of some kind instead of just poaching the good ideas of others. Go figure. To help me out, the Captain invented a quick Lego game and demonstrated it for me so that I could pass it on to you.
I will give you the instructions word-for-word as he wrote them down for me, as he has such a way of putting things...I have no hope of replicating it.
5 minutes. 30 pieces. (Variable time and number of pieces)
1. Pick 30 random Lego pieces
2. Set timer for 5 minutes
3. Start the timer, start building, and have fun!"
Then he drew a little box that said "" that was supposed to represent me adding in a picture of his final creation.  He also created the caption for the picture. Hilarious.
This is a stripped down version of the game Creationary, where you get two minutes to build a specific object out of Legos and your teammates have to guess what it is.  But, the difference here is that you have a limited number and limited time to create ANYTHING.

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