Thursday, March 7, 2013

Teacher Gifts- Evey-style

Hi y'all! Did you know it's almost Teacher Appreciation week here in Jersey? It's next month!  I decided to share last year's gifts with you so that you might have some ideas for this year! :)

Of course, baked goods are always a must! :)  Nothing says "thank you" quite like homemade treats do!  A sweet and easy way to package mini loaves of banana bread, for example, is to take some wax paper, wrap the bread in it, then take a piece of scrapbook paper, cut with cute scalloped scissors, and wrap it around the wax paper, tying it off with some pretty baker's twine.

Doesn't that look so pretty!?

As for the sign, I took some leftover scrapwood and painted it, then sanded it to distress the red.  I had all of the kids in the classroom place their thumbprints where the petals would go and added the chalkboard paint square.  The lettering was done using the same method found in my "Love Conquers All" Block Tutorial. I filled it in with a permanent paint marker.  Easy, peasy!

Cupcakes are always a good idea, as well!

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  1. Love Love Love the thumbprint flowers! oh and now I want a cupcake!

  2. Reading this on my phone. Now your signature comment makes sense!


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