Thursday, March 21, 2013

Karah from "The Space Between" visits!- String Art Tutorial

Hi y'all!  As you are reading this post (well only if you are reading it from approximately 8am to noon-ish), I am undergoing surgery!  Since I'll be down for the count for a few days, I've asked some AWESOME bloggy friends of mine to visit good ol' Sweet Song Bird and to share some of their own neat projects with you wonderful people! Today, I bring you the sweet and BEAUTIFUL (I mean look at those EYES!) Karah from "The Space Between"!  Enjoy


Hi!!! I am so excited to be here at Sweet Song Bird today. Isn't Evey such a sweetheart?!?!
My name is Karah and I blog at the space between. Where I'm currently chronicling our journey to buy and fix up a 1950s Conch home in Key West, FL. I'm always looking to repurpose, reuse or reinvent something old to make it work for us in our current space.

We find ourselves in Key West after three years living on Curacao, a southern Caribbean island. We move every few years with my husband's job and love it. Such a fun way to see the country and even the world.
But it does keep from living near our families. Now, some of you might be saying Hallelujah! I don't judge. ;) But this inspires us to try to get creative with gift ideas and ways to keep us in touch with those we love who are far away.

x is for
My nephew will be 6 this year and lives in upstate New York and I don't want him going through these years thinking that we are not close, or do not love him or think of him all the time.
I mean really, he is pretty adorable, right!?!?! :)
So I thought a monogram would be fun project for me to make and something that can be displayed in his room and will help him keep us in his mind too ... even though we are at such a geographic distance.
It's not exactly a fun toy, but hopefully something that will be able to grow with him through the years.x is for
It is worth noting here that while I was sitting on the dog bed working on this project, all the while this was going on on the people bed.
x is for
That's my husband in bed with two other women. #lovethem (I originally had that as #lovethemall but couldn't help but read it as "love the mall", which I don't, but I do "love them all".)
This entire project only took a few hours and only cost about $17 ... and that was having to buy all of the supplies ... and now I have enough string to make about 100 more. Who has a good project idea for me to use some string? :)
x is for
x is for
x is for x is forHere's a close up of the ribbon with the tacks all strung up ... I love the industrial look of the tacks combined with the simplicity of the string and ribbon. x is for 
Thank you so much to Evey for letting me visit with your readers today!
If you'd like the step-by-step tutorial for making this string art hop on over to the post here. And if you'd like to see more do it yourself crafts, recipes and home improvement projects it would be fun to see you sometime in the space between.

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  1. Thank you so much for letting me visit with your readers today!! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery to you!!


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