Thursday, January 24, 2013

Organized Refrigerator...sigh

Hey y'all! Ok, raise your hand if you cringe when a visitor goes to open the fridge....::raises hand::  GUILTY! I don't know HOW it happens, but for some reason my refrigerator ends up so ridiculously full and messy (also gross) that I feel like screaming every time I open it, let alone when someone else does!  I saw a post (by 'a Casarella) on using a lazy susan to organize a fridge a few days ago on and it inspired me to clean out my insane fridge!  The fact of the matter is that while I'm creative and crafty as heck, I REALLY struggle with organization. My brain just isn't wired that way, much to my hubby's chagrin. Side note, both Erika and my friend Victoria will take it upon themselves to organize my cabinets on any given day. Yeah, it's that bad. Sigh...

Anyway, back to the fridge.  There is no "before" picture...partially because I was so excited to just get it done that I forgot to take the picture, also, because it was just AWFUL! ;) This is the closest to "before" we get y'all...stuff on the floor, and my sweet helper smiling up at me!  She is the cutest thing ever, right!? ;)

As you can see, I had everything sort of shoved into the door, which was making the door heavy and unable to close properly.

The first thing I did was grab one of my lazy susans, and remove all the stuff from the door.  I put all the condiments on the lazy susan and that alone made a HUGE difference.  No more searching for the tiny Parmesan cheese bottle behind all the other STUFF! I just spin, and THERE IT IS! :)

Then I figured, why stop there?!  I grabbed an empty plastic Dollar store basket and arranged the kids'  juice boxes in it.  Again, no more moving a million things out just to find the darn juice boxes in the morning! 

 Doesn't that look much better?  It's clean. Also, it's organized.  ::happy Evey dance::

I think I'm going to invest in some more Dollar store baskets for the kids' yogurts, which are currently still on the door.  I'm liking this whole "organized" thing, well trying to anyway.


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  1. Can I get a "what's for dinner" lazy susan? Spin & select? Maybe I'll just put a bunch of take out menus in a stack instead & play "pick a card...any card". What I really want to know is how did you have food on your floor and no animals in sight? ~

  2. Oh my gosh you sound just like me: crafting always, organizing never lol Your fridge looks awesome now!

    "Stalking" your page from Peacoats and Plaid

  3. Look at that gorgeous fridge! Nice work!!


  4. This is such a great idea, Evey ~ and I love your little model. The Price is Right next generation!

  5. THE CUTEST EVER! And Hey...your fridge is looking pretty spiffy too ;)

  6. An organized fridge! Now there's a dream of mine!


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