Friday, October 12, 2012

Days 7, 8, AND 9- 31 Days of GF Living

Tips of the day:

1. It's important to know that when baking Gluten Free, please take into consideration that baking time will be slightly longer than the regular recipe calls for. 

2. There are hidden sources of gluten EVERYWHERE! Did you know that the glue on postage stamps and the glue on envelope contains gluten!? They DO!

3.  Another unknown source of gluten are medications and latex/rubber gloves. Make sure you check the list of GF medications found on

Here are some more recipes for you to use!  Just click on the pictures to get to the original posts and recipes! :)

I have some new ones coming once I'm all caught up, I promise!  (Look for my GF homemade gravy recipe coming soon!)

GF Lentil Soup and Sofrito Recipe
(Oh, and SIDE NOTE about the above Lentil soup, Erika had a FOOD FAIL attempting to make this, which CRACKED ME UP! :))))) HEHEHEHEHE! Ok, side note finished! Sorry E!)

GF Pumpkin Pancakes

Any of you GF readers wanna share some tips?  Leave them in the comments, I'll be sure to link back to you if I use them in a post! :)



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