Friday, September 28, 2012

Minnie Headband Party Favors

Isn't my sweet Wunkie SO CUTE?!?!
Hi y'all! It's DAY 5 of Minnie Week! :) YAYYYYY! 

Today, I will share with you my tutorial (with bad/dark pictures, I apologize) for my daughter's Minnie Mouse headband party gift tutorial!

I found a pack of 10 headbands for $1 at Dollar Tree, then simply wrapped some black ribbon around each one dotting some hot glue all along the way, just like I did for the

If you recall the bow tutorial from my wreath post, use the same instructions, only on a smaller scale and attach the bow to the wrapped head band with the strip that wraps around the front of the bow. (See pictures.)
Next make two felt ears (you can use foam as well) but if you use felt, make sure you cut out FOUR circles, leaving each pair attached slightly at the bottom as you will wrap the ears around the headband in order to attach them and make them sturdier. Hot glue them on and together.

That is it! So easy and such a sweet party favor!  I made a few Mickeys too, since we had some boys attend the party.  Everyone gathered for a picture with their ears on and a week later, Wunkie wore hers to DISNEY WORLD! Amongst the sea of princesses, Wunkie was easy to spot out (pun intended) in her homemade (YES, HOMEMADE!) polka dotted dress and Minnie ears! Here is she the morning before we left the hotel for Disney!

Hope you are enjoying Minnie Week...I might actually extend it a few days into next week!  What say you!?



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    1. ;) hehehe thank you! She's my most favorite model EVER! ;)


  2. Sooo cute! Will have to keep this in mind if/when we ever go to Disney.


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